'I didn't have time for the gym!' Charlotte Hawkins opens up about losing her baby weight

The Good Morning Britain presenter gave birth to Ella Rose in February 2015

If there's one thing Charlotte Hawkins knows, it's looking good in less than ideal circumstances.

With her 2:30am wake up calls, we're always amazed at how fresh faced and put together she looks when she hits our screen on Good Morning Britain at 6am. And now that she's mum to one-year-old Ella Rose, Charlotte, 41, has worked another miracle and managed to slim back down to her 9st pre-pregnancy weight.

The good news is that the tricks she's been using to get fit and healthy are accessible to everyone - and she didn't even go to the gym! From sit-ups in her dressing room to a balanced eating plan, here are the diet and exercise secrets she swears by...

Take up yoga

Image: Fit & Well/Nicky Johnston

Charlotte says that yoga keeps her 'toned and calm'

Charlotte did yoga throughout her pregnancy with Ella, and it's a habit that she's continued with post-birth. 'It strengthens your core and tones you up, but relaxes you at the same time,' she told Fit & Well magazine.

Explaining how she wanted to fit in activity without spending time away from her new born, she adds, 'I took Ella Rose for a power walk every day and did squats anywhere I could. If Ella Rose wants a story before her nap, I lie on the floor and do my stretches while telling her a story at the same time! I've become very good at multitasking.'

Track your calories

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Charlotte's early starts mean that she tends to be awake for longer than most people, meaning that, unsurprisingly, she craves a lot of snacks throughout the day. She credits My Fitness Pal with keeping her on track during the long hours, adding 'You don't realise how those calories are building up, so the app helps me to keep an eye on it.'

In a typical day, she'll eat fruit or a smoothie upon waking, followed by porridge before she goes on air. She's also a fan of scrambled eggs, carrots with hummus and grilled meat or fish with veg, avoiding carbs in the evening where she can.

Cut out sugar

Charlotte pictured with baby Ella on the Good Morning Britain set in 2015

Charlotte took part in a sugar-free diet on Good Morning Britain, and says that it's totally helped her to re-evaluate her choices when she's food shopping. 'Until we did the sugar-free diet on the show, I hadn't appreciated how much of a difference it makes,' she said to Fit & Well.

'A lot of people cut out fatty foods but end up having more sugar as a result. I've tried to cut out foods with hidden sugars - white bread, for example.' She also says that Ella's influences the snacks she picks up on the go - 'Now she's at the stage where she's watching what I'm eating, I'm less likely to reach for a biscuit!' she exclaims.

Read Charlotte's full interview and get her toning yoga workout moves in this month's Fit & Well magazine, on sale now


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