Gogglebox star Amy Tapper targeted by cruel online trolls about her weight

The 16-year-old TV favourite hasn't yet responded to the hurtful comments

The hilarious Tapper family are up there amongst our main reasons for being so addicted to Gogglebox.

But now one member of the family - 16-year-old Amy Tapper - has become the target of cruel online bullies who have made hurtful comments about her weight.

The Tappers, made up of mum Nikki, dad Jonathan, son Josh and daughter Amy, from North London, can often be seen commenting on the week's TV viewings during their slot on the hit Channel 4 show. Amy in particular is known for her strong (and often hilarious) opinions, regularly disagreeing with the rest of her family on the week's hot topics.

But after this week's news of fellow Googlebox star Viv Woerdenweber losing weight and appearing visibly slimmer on the show, Twitter users have turned on 16-year-old Amy to make cruel comments about her own weight.

On user took to the social media platform to say: '#Gogglebox God, Viv looks FANTASTIC. Well done luv. . . Now tweet the wee Tapper girl and share some tips please. .. And me. Ta.'

Another wrote: 'Amy Tapper from #Gogglebox looks like Jabba the Hutt sprawled out in the corner of that sofa'.

That wasn't the end of the hurtful comments though, after another Twitter user added: 'Can we ditch the Tapper family from #Gogglebox. That Amy really is the grossest thing I've ever seen 😷 '

Other Twitter users, however, have been quick to share just why they love the Tappers so much. One tweeted: 'I absolutely love the @tapperofficial's family on Gogglebox. Such a close knit family and those kids are so well raised. So lovely to see!'

Although Amy and the rest of the Tanner family are yet to respond to the comments, the 16 year old has been outspoken about her views on fat shaming in the past, discussing the idea of calling people 'fat' during an episode of the show.

'Even though being big is unhealthy, just as being too thin is unhealthy, it is portrayed as a bad thing', she said.

'Fat is a way to describe someone, slim is a way to describe someone, pretty is a way to describe someone.

'But the word "fat" is used as an insult.

In an interview with What's On TV, her brother Josh, 18, revealed that although they receive a mix of comments, the good do tend to outweigh the bad. '[We get] lots of really nice tweets from people who enjoy the show, obviously you get the old negative, but you've got to ignore it and take into account how many pos there are to negative.'