Wearing a hairband on your wrist could be damaging your health

It could cause 'life threatening' infections...


If you've got long hair chances are you want a hairband in close proximity at all times to save your locks from wind, rain and toddlers throwing food.

But doctors have now warned women that keeping the spare band around your wrist might actually be a 'life threatening' risk to your health.

Audree Kopp from Kentucky, USA, had to undergo emergency surgery after developing a huge abscess by wearing a glittery bobble around her wrist like a bracelet.

The mother-of-one first noticed the problem when she developed a small red lump on her right arm but guessed it was nothing to be worried about.

It was only when the initial swelling developed into a painful and inflamed sore that she tried taking antibiotics prescribed by her GP to reduce the pain.

But it was already too late, and the infection was resistant to the treatment.


It was at this point that she took herself to A&E, where doctors told her she had narrowly avoided contracting sepsis and they were 'shocked' that she had three different types of bacteria in her bloodstream.

After returning home from her surgery, Audree posted a graphic photo of her wound to her Instagram account captioned; 'Day 1@home. This is no joke, worst pain I've had in a long time.'

A photo posted by on

Medical officials believe that the infection began with a small cut and bacteria being harboured on the hairband was able to transfer into the body.

Audree said; 'The doctor advised if you DO want to wear hair ties on your wrist...make sure they're the plastic no slip ones I posted and make sure when washing your hands...u go up your wrist and wash the tie.'

The post has been shared over 8,000 times but Audree is glad for the viral attention; 'I'm glad that people see this can happen to anyone.'

'Please share this, because I'm pretty sure about 90% of us females don't think twice about keeping hair ties on our wrists.'


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