These breast discs could help you breastfeed without any soreness

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  • As a new mother, breastfeeding can be a challenge. From your baby not latching on properly to thrush and sore nipples, there is a lot to deal with, so anything that can give a helping hand is appreciated.

    Well we’ve found a product that will be your lifesaver (or nipplesaver).

    Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs are designed to help you through the breastfeeding process, by protecting your nipples against cracking and soreness.

    Because when you’ve got a new little one, you’ve already got enough on your plate without having to wince every time your bra rubs against you.

    The breast discs, one of the brand’s bestselling products in Australia and now also available in the UK, use a water-based hydrogel to soothe and cool and the nipples and provide relief if they are sore, cracked and itching.

    They’re safe for mum and baby as they are non-toxic and they provide a barrier against any wounds to stop any bacteria getting in. They can even stop any bleeding that you may have. And so you can avoid the ‘ripping off the band aid’ effect, they simply slip against the inside of your bra so you don’t have to stick anything to your sore skin.

    For women who are struggling with painful nipples and are considering giving up breastfeeding, the discs are said to give you instant relief and eliminate any discomfort to allow you to carry on.

    According to the NHS, more than 73% of mothers in the UK start out breastfeeding their baby, but they state that sore or painful nipples are one of main reasons why women stop breastfeeding.

    While it’s up to personal preference whether you want to breastfeed or not, the NHS says that your breast milk protects your baby from diseases and infections as it is perfectly designed for them. And while formula milk can provide some benefits, it doesn’t protect from illnesses in the same way.

    So if you’re struggling, give these a try – we promise, you may wonder how you ever lived without them.

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