TK Maxx pulls ‘offensive’ kitchenware range after complaints – can you spot why?

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  • High-street store TK Maxx has pulled a range of kitchenware after customers complained about its ‘offensive’ design.

    The novelty kitchenware designed to use at Christmas was decorated with the caption ‘I have OCD – Obsessive Christmas Disorder’.

    After one customer took to Twitter to complain about the insensitive design, OCD-UK picked up on it and brought it to the attention of the bargain hunter favourite.

    ‘Hello @TKMaxx_UK,’ they wrote’, ‘appreciate you don’t mean to offend. But are you aware that OCD is a devastating mental health problem, hence the word ‘disorder’?

    ‘So for many of those SUFFERING with OCD, they/we would find this product of poor taste (at best). Will you please review products?’

    OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is a mental health condition, which involves obsessive thoughts that can make a person feel anxious and uneasy until they try to relieve it through compulsive behaviours.

    According to OCD-UK around three quarters of a million people in the country are thought to be living with the debilitating disorder.

    However, despite the life-altering nature of the disorder, it is often trivialised and used as a synonym for being very clean or organised, upsetting people who actually suffer from it.

    TK Maxx confirmed that they would be removing the range from their stores, writing: ‘Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have strict guidelines on the type of products sold in our stores Please accept our assurances that it is never our intention to cause offence.’

    Social media users commended the store on their ‘rapid constructive response’ and thanked them for ‘listening, responding and respecting’.

    In light of TK Maxx’s design mishap, Twitter users have pointed out that this unfortunate situation also happens elsewhere, saying that people would not be so quick to use other serious illnesses in order to make a joke.

    Well done to OCD-UK for alerting the company and to TK Maxx for taking such swift action.