Warning issued after woman’s magnifying make-up mirror catches fire

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  • A 20 year old woman has a dangerous warning for all those who use a magnifying mirror to apply their make up.

    Kasey Ault from California, USA, had gone about her usual morning routine using a double-sided magnifying mirror to apply her make up and then left for work.

    However, when she came home from her job at a local hair salon, she was met with a house full of smoke and had to quickly evacuate her five pet cats and four dogs.

    Describing the ordeal as the ‘scariest thing’ that’s ever happened to her, Kasey said she quickly realised sunlight reflecting off the magnifying mirror was responsible for starting the blaze.

    ‘I went back in search for the source, outlets, my hair tools, all the typical suspects until I got to my desk and saw the charred remains of my iPad case.’

    Now she has posted her potentially life-saving warning to Facebook, specifying that even if your mirror has been in the same place for months it could still be a hazard.

    Luckily the fire remained contained, although one of Kasey’s Chihuahua dogs was asleep on the bed nearby.

    Despite the thick smoke that swept through the house, no one was harmed; ‘I could have lost them all. Please be careful.’

    [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/kasey.dickson.77/posts/548621428625949?pnref=story[/Facebook]

    ‘I’m extremely lucky the fire didn’t reach the battery of my iPad, my wooden desk, my laundry basket next to my desk.’

    Kasey had some advice to avoid the same happening to other women ‘If any of you do your makeup in a little mirror in front of the window like I do, stash it away when you’re done.’

    A similar thing happened to Kate Liew and her husband from Easton, Bristol, in 2013 when sunlight through a bathroom window hit a shaving mirror and refracted on to a towel.

    By the time the couple returned home, it was just a pile of ashes on the floor.