Mary Berry reveals the heartbreaking reason you shouldn't ask someone about their weight loss

'Sadly, we lost a son. William died and I lost a stone and a half and I never put it on again.'

Mary Berry has opened up about the tragic reason behind her weight loss, reminding us all why it can be upsetting to ask someone why they have lost weight.

Mary is known for her cheeky sense of humour and love of a good tipple, having captured the hearts of the nation for years on The Great British Bake Off.

But although she is known for her bun puns and enjoying an incredible career, Mary has revealed that even celebrities aren't immune from experience heartbreaking loss.

The well-loved chef has opened up about the reason behind her slender frame, despite constantly being surrounded by cakes and treats, explaining that weight can sometimes be tied to emotional life events.

In a recent interview with New! magazine, the writer and TV personality explained that the death of her son William triggered a stone and a half weight loss in her, which she has never put back on.

When asked why she hasn't put any weight on after all of the cake testing on The Great British Bake Off, the 82-year-old said, 'I've got smaller.'

'Sadly, we lost a son. William died and I lost a stone and a half and I never put it on again.'

Mary's son William tragically died in a car crash at just 19 years old in 1989.

Speaking about her son's death on The Mary Berry Story, the mother-of-three remembered, 'Will came back from [university] on the Friday night and he hadn't been home for a few weekends, so I thought I'll do roast lamb, because it's his favourite.

'I can remember Will walking through the door on that Friday and asking "Mum, who's coming?" And I said, "It's you, it's so lovely to have you home and Annabel and Tom too", so we had a lovely family meal.'

The next day William borrowed his parents car to take a trip out, and devastatingly he never returned.

'It was a glorious January day,' recalled Mary. 'And it was sort of one o'clock and he wasn't home.'

'The doorbell rang and there was a policeman there and immediately then I knew why.'


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