Switching your tampons for a menstrual cup could improve your sex life

And there are more benefits, too!

If you haven't quite taken to the idea of a menstrual cup, then this might change your life. Apparently, they could perk up your sex (opens in new tab) life.

They're more sustainable and more cost effective than their close cousins - sanitary pads and tampons - but they get a bit of a bad rap for being a little bit too wholesome.

There's the slight problem of fitting them and taking them out, with women worrying about what happens if they're too full when you remove them and just how exactly do you wash it out in a public bathroom without feeling a little exposed?

Awkward bathroom situation aside, menstrual cups could be good for your sex (opens in new tab) life, it has been revealed. Feminine hygiene company Intimina ran a survey recently where they asked 1,500 women if and how their periods (opens in new tab) changed since moving from tampons to cups. The answer? Over a quarter of those asked revealed that their sex lives had improved.

Plus, good news for light sleepers (opens in new tab), with over half saying they were getting better sleep than ever too.

You might be wondering how a feminine hygiene product can improve your time between the sheets. Well, apparently the cups reduce dryness while also strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Ipso facto, this results in more comfort and increased fun when you get down to business.

And as an added bonus a menstrual cup will also save you money, Intimina are keen to point out. The average UK woman is thought to spend around £500 on sanitary products in a 10-year period. A menstrual cup costs just £25 and can be used for the same time period (no pun intended).

Cost, in fact, was the third highest reason as to why women swapped to a cup in the first place according to the study - with health benefits and longer wear time coming in first and second respectively.

Would you try a menstrual cup, or do you already use one? Let us know in the comments below!