Mum claims Lush Dream Cream 'cured' her son's eczema in just one week

A mum has raved about the miraculous healing benefits of an affordable high street product after claiming it cured her son’s ‘agonising’ eczema in just seven days.

Lush Dream Cream

A mum has raved about the miraculous healing benefits of an affordable high street product after claiming it cured her son's 'agonising' eczema in just seven days.

Sarah Rudd revealed that after trying countless prescription medications, including steroid cream hydrocortisone, it was cosmetic chain Lush's Dream Cream that came to her son, Cash’s rescue.

Documenting the five-month-old's painful problem with eczema on her Facebook page, Sarah shared before and after photos which revealed her son's red and inflamed skin was eczema-free after just one week's use of the cream.

She said: ‘Final post about the baby’s skin, most of you saw he was a hot mess last month with the eczema he’d had since birth.... nothing we were prescribed worked, even hydrocortisone cream didn’t touch it.

'Tried dairy free formula, Dermol, Nizarol, Aveeno, Oilatum.... nothing made a difference. He didn't sleep for 4 months because he scratched non stop all night.

'After a shout out we were recommended Dream Cream by Lush and gave it a go; it's transformed his skin and he's now completely and utterly eczema free. For anyone else having a hard time, it's done the job for us.'

Following Sarah’s post, Lush’s Dream Cream, which retails for £6.95 for 100g and includes soothing ingredients such as oat milk and rose water, saw sales increase by 184 per cent.

Following the surge in sales, Lush captioned a snap of the cream on Twitter: 'Are you the sensitive type? Dream Cream is rich, cooling and protective to the skin, which gives great relief from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.'

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Another mother commented on the post: 'This cream was a life saver for my son. He was diagnosed with severe eczema at 3 months old. Dream Cream helped to soothe his skin (along with Cerridwyn's Cauldron bath melt), and at 17, his skin is almost perfect.'

Mark Constantine, Lush co-founder and managing director said: 'For me it's what the whole business is about, to deliver effective product that does a little more than it says on the pot.'

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