Natural anxiety remedies that can help you to unwind

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    So it’s no surprise that we’re on the hunt for effective natural anxiety remedies to help us get back to feeling ourselves.

    Much like the natural cough remedies that are out there, these can be used to treat big bouts of anxiety or just generic and ongoing symptoms. While they might not help everyone, they’re worth a go. Easier on your body than prescription drugs and come with very few, if any, side effects. Not to mention that for anyone not needing medication for anxiety, they’re often less expensive than reaching for the medicine cabinet for over-the-counter relief.

    According to the NHS, the general symptoms of anxiety can include:

    • Restlessness
    • A sense of dread
    • Feeling constantly on edge
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Irritably

    Anxiety can also translate into physical symptoms if severe, like dizziness, tiredness, stomach ache, pins and needles or aching tension in muscles, among others. It can also be difficult to identify as anxiety can be triggered by so many different factors, from uncertainty about the world to money issues and even phobias, like claustrophobia if you’re stuck in a confined place for a while – such as in your home during first, second or third lockdown. It could even just come about because of worry about day-to-day family demands like homeschooling while working from home.

    You should make an appointment to talk with your GP if you are worried about your symptoms. Or they are causing problems in your day to day life.

    Lavender oil, one of the natural anxieties remedies

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    For natural relief from anxiety, Dr Tim Bond from Puressential recommends lavender, CBD oil and oregano as good starters. “Lavender oil when inhaled as with Rest and Relax Spray exerts an anti-anxiety effect through the compound linalool. Linalool by inhalation acts at the GABA receptors in the brain where it interacts to reduce anxiety. Linaolol acts on GABA receptors through the olfactory system (i.e., smell).

    “Evidence backed CBD, like Dragonfly CBD oil reduces anxiety  in a different way. During stressful and anxious situations, production of the stress hormone cortisol increases. Cortisol  is responsible for  stress related  symptoms such as poor sleep, feeling jittery, ‘hyper’ whilst not being able to cope and so on.  As a result, CBD oil can reduce cortisol levels which is why it may help in anxiety and stress.

    He also says, “Marjoram (also known as oregano) has long been used as a sleep aid in traditional medicine and modern medicine has shown that it produces these effects by interacting with dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline receptors in the nervous system.”

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