Relaxing music for kids to listen to if they're feeling stressed out and anxious

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calming music for kids
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There's no doubt that we're living through a truly uncertain time right now.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live for the foreseeable future, so it's understandable that for many, anxious feelings may be surfacing.

And this includes our kids. While the younger ones may not be 100 per cent certain about what's going on, they'll inevitably notice changes to the routine, and can even pick up on your stress and worries too. When it comes to older children, they'll likely be fully aware of the unfolding health situation, so will need every bit of reassurance you can give (find out how to talk to your kids about coronavirus, if you're worried).

In anxious times, it can help to employ relied-on relaxation and meditation techniques. And one of the most useful ways for soothing chaotic minds - even recommended by cognitive behavioural therapy practitioners - is listening to calming, relaxing music.

Calming music for kids: how can it help?

There's real evidence that listening to music can help soothe us in anxious times. Researchers at Stanford University found that "listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication."

Thankfully, there are so many ways of finding calming music these days. And there are even some playlists specifically targeted towards kids, as listed below. You might also find it useful to read our advice on talking to children about mental health.

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So where can you find the best calming music for children if they're feeling anxious?


There are a huge amount of playlists and albums with relaxing music for kids on Spotify - it's all about finding the right one for you and your family.

We love the 'Calm Kids Music' playlist on here, which has a huge range (47 songs to be precise) of lullaby music from all sorts of classic music artists. Some are more upbeat, but with a calming tone, so they'll keep your kids engaged without revving them up unneccessarily.

You can also search for the artist, 'Children Music Academy' - here, you'll find a heap of relaxing music on their 'Relaxation Songs for Kids' album. Choose from sounds of nature, to a deep relaxation tune, to help with falling asleep. There's even a white noise track, which has been proven to help children sleep.


YouTube is an incredible resource for all sorts of music, and the videos here on calming music for kids do not disappoint.

Relaxing Disney Piano Music

Here at GoodtoKnow the 'Relaxing Disney Piano Music' video, by The Soul of Wind, is a favourite. A compliation of various Disney tracks, from The Lion King to Frozen, they are all played in a slower, mellow format on piano, so your little'uns won't get too overexcited when hearing them, but will love recognising their favourite film songs.

Morning Relaxation Music

One of the most highly viewed videos on the platform is the three-hour Morning Relaxation Music - Positive Background Music for Kids, by OCB Relax Music. It's got a slightly more whimsical, fun feel to it, whilst still being calming and soothing, to keep your children engaged.

Relaxing Music for Children

The channel KIDZEN also has a Relaxing Music for Children video complete with adorable animal animation, that will your kids transfixed whilst also helping them to wind-down.

Coral Reef Collection

Some parents on YouTube have also shared that their little ones love this video, of relaxing music set to a video of fishing swimming in an aquarium. One said, 'perfect for bedtime for the kids... better then a nightlight'.


There are a huge amount of education and fun podcasts out there for kids, but did you know there are also plenty for relaxing too?

The 'Be Calm on Ahway Island' podcast, which tells a calming, meditative like story, is highly recommended. The Story Time podcast, which also shares 10-15 minute stories reading by soothing narrator, is also a great bet.

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You can find podcasts on Spotify or other podcast-streaming services including Podbean or iTunes.

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