Blue Monday 2019: 14 reasons January is actually the best month of the year

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blue monday

Already wishing you can rewind the current festive cheer filled December or want to fast forward to February in the run up to Blue Monday? Nonsense - January is the best.

What is blue Monday?

Blue Monday is known as the most depressing day of the year, and this year it is on 21st January 2019. It is important for us to remember, however, in the run up to this dreaded day, that January actually isn't all that bad.

January brings a new beginning every time, when we erase all past mistakes with the simple excuse 'that was last year'. It also refreshes our minds and makes us feel at least a tiny bit more motivated to achieve our goals, be it exercising more or simply making it to December without forgetting to pick up any of our children from school. Parenting win!

So if you still need more convincing in the run up to Blue Monday that January is actually a great month, here's why you should start loving the first 31 days of the year (you're allowed to hate the first one though - that hangover is the worst).

1. Finally being able to say no to anything non-compulsory that involves getting dressed and leaving the house

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Unless your question is 'Do you want to stay in and watch TV in bed', don't even bother.

2. And you won't even feel bad because everyone's in the same situation

You weren't the only one spending all your extra pennies on wine and presents for the kids last month. Everyone will understand why you need to stay in because they need to do it too.

3. It's the month to catch up on all the sleep you missed in December

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Between Christmas parties, shopping, and moving the bloody Elf on Shelf every night, you hardly got any sleep. Until now. Hibernation mode: ON.

4. There's a lot of great TV on

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In between your mandatory sleep shifts, reunite with your best friend sofa and gal pal TV. Glass of wine is optional for dry January-ers, but who are we kidding? Pass us the bottle.

5. And don't forget all those box-sets you've been dying to watch

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6. There's more time to try those recipes you've been wanting to make...

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Less social gatherings mean more opportunities to cook at home - unleash your culinary genius.

7. Going out less means you'll be able to save more

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Because you're staying in so much, your bank balance starts to recover from the intense damage it suffered in December.

8. You don't have to put up with any more ugly Christmas jumpers or pine needles from the Christmas tree everywhere

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Sure, we miss Christmas too, but those things are itchy.

9. Now that the Christmas hype is gone, you can properly enjoy wintery things without the crowds

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Walks in the park all wrapped up, hot chocolate and ice skating are still perfectly acceptable activities in January. But put a coat on, for baby Jesus' sake.

10. Everyone's feeling more motivated and that's contagious

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Not just for exercising and losing the holiday weight, but for whatever they want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Join the resolutions bandwagon and set out a few (realistic!) goals for yourself.

12. Mornings start getting lighter

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'Oh hi sunshine, we finally meet again.'

13. There's a LOT of leftover chocolate

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And you must eat it all before you start your healthy diet. Right?

14. Most importantly, it's a clean slate

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Forget about everything you did wrong last year - January is the first of twelve chapters ready to be filled. Make them count!

Well, we've listed all the reasons why January is awesome, so now, please try not to let Blue Monday get you down when there's so much more to looks forward to!