Five hilarious yet surprisingly common sex accidents revealed

5 hilarious yet surprisingly common sex accidents revealed
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Sex releases endorphins, eases stress and research shows it’s good for your heart and lowers your blood pressure. But as couples get busier in the bedroom, it's had some hilarious yet unexpected consequences.

Life is full of unexpected - and sometimes VERY awkward moments. Calling your teacher ‘Mum’,  mistaking a stranger for someone you know, being walked in on while you’re on the loo. Just thinking about life’s mortifying moments is enough to cause some serious blushing.

Yet perhaps the most ‘ground please swallow me’ moments happen when things don’t quite go right in the bedroom. A funny sound, clashing teeth, bumping heads, or a difficult sex position which sends the bedside lamp flying. Those sex accidents that - let’s face it - happen to everyone at one time or another.

Luckily when it happens with a loved one it’s easy to laugh it off, especially if you're trying something new like tantric sex. And don't worry. If you've ever had an embarrassing bedroom antic injury, or spooning disaster - you're not alone.

When OnBuy’s Adult Department asked 2,544 people about the unfortunate sex accidents they've had between the sheets (or elsewhere!), they received some very candid confessions.


Here are five of the most common sex accidents...

1) Falling

Yep. Falling off your partner, or an item of furniture, tops the list of sex accidents. And if you've ever found yourself landing with a thud mid-tryst, you join the 75% of people this has happened to. Ouch!

2) Being caught in the act

This one is horrifying for everyone involved. Whether you've walked in, or been walked in on - being caught having sex is probably THE most mortifying of all sex accidents. But it's happened to a staggering  71% of people.

3) Eye-watering

Close your eyes! A *ahem* surprising  62% of people said they have experienced eye shots. And that's enough said about that.

4) Steamy

A romantic romp in the shower sounds sexy - and Hollywood film sex scenes certainly seem to back that up. But it's not as easy as those gorgeous, toned actors make it look. 51% of people admit to falling in the shower while trying to have sex. Slippery!

5) It's a knockout

OK, so perhaps this isn't quite so hilarious. But 5% of unlucky respondents have managed to knock themselves unconscious. Probably not the kind of sex accident you'll find yourself laughing about after, rather Googling 'concussion'.