Fun sex positions for conception

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  • If you're trying for a baby then chances are you'll want to be having more sex. Here are the best (and most fun!) sex positions to try for conception.

    With baby-making on your mind, you will probably be wondering what is the best position to get pregnant? Despite there being no evidence to suggest any one sex position is better for conceiving a baby, one thing’s for sure – the more sex you have, the higher the chance you’ll get pregnant.

    The standard advice for when you’re trying for a baby is to have plenty of regular sex around the time of ovulation – which is your most fertile period in the month.

    The sex positions we’ve included all help with deep penetration to help your man’s sperm travel more easily towards your egg. It’s also key to conception that you orgasm, as this causes contractions in your uterus, which will help your partner’s sperm travel to its destination that little bit faster.

    You might recognise some of these positions for conception already from your previous fun in the bedroom, but we bet you won’t have thought of them all. Ever heard of Dirty Dancing or the Magic Bullet? You have now, and we show you how to do them with easy-to-follow pictures.

    Lots of mums-to-be ask whether there are any sex positions for conception that will help determine the sex of their baby but unfortunately there’s nothing to suggest that there is anything you can do, except let nature take its course! However, if old wives’ tales are to be believed having sex on top will give you a girl while your partner being on top will give you a boy.

    Ready to give trying for a baby a go? We’ve got your back. From slow and sensual to fun and fast, we’ve rounded up our favourite sex positions for conception, to make sure you’re hitting the nail on the head when it comes to trying for a baby.

    Click through our round up of pictures to find your favourite!