Fun sex positions for conception

If you're trying for a baby then chances are you'll want to be having more sex. Here are the best (and most fun!) sex positions to try for conception.

If you're trying for a baby then chances are you'll want to be having more sex. Here are the best (and most fun!) sex positions to try for conception.

With baby-making on your mind, you will probably be wondering what is the best position to get pregnant? Despite there being no evidence to suggest any one sex position is better for conceiving a baby, one thing's for sure - the more sex you have, the higher the chance you'll get pregnant.

The standard advice for when you're trying for a baby is to have plenty of regular sex around the time of ovulation - which is your most fertile period in the month.

The sex positions we've included all help with deep penetration to help your man's sperm travel more easily towards your egg. It's also key to conception that you orgasm, as this causes contractions in your uterus, which will help your partner's sperm travel to its destination that little bit faster.

You might recognise some of these positions for conception already from your previous fun in the bedroom, but we bet you won't have thought of them all. Ever heard of Dirty Dancing or the Magic Bullet? You have now, and we show you how to do them with easy-to-follow pictures.

Lots of mums-to-be ask whether there are any sex positions for conception that will help determine the sex of their baby but unfortunately there's nothing to suggest that there is anything you can do, except let nature take its course! However, if old wives' tales are to be believed having sex on top will give you a girl while your partner being on top will give you a boy.

Ready to give trying for a baby a go? We've got your back. From slow and sensual to fun and fast, we've rounded up our favourite sex positions for conception, to make sure you're hitting the nail on the head when it comes to trying for a baby.

Click through our round up of pictures to find your favourite!

Sex positions for conception: Spooning

sexy spoons sex position

Who doesn't want to turn bedtime cuddles into bedtime sex? This position requires no swinging from the chandelier, you just need to be lying on your side. As you enjoy a lie down and cuddle from behind, he spoons you and enters you slowly - then he can control the speed.

Great because: Some people reckon it's good for conception because it's very relaxing, which is a bonus because stress can affect fertility. It's also good for your relationship as it encourages lots of intimacy.

Sex positions for conception: Legs on shoulders

Legs on shoulders sex position

As you lie on your back looking up at him, he positions himself between your legs. Lift your legs up high and rest them on his shoulders, which he can hold on to for leverage. In this position your man gets a great view and can touch you everywhere. You both get the chance to be in control because either of you can control the speed.

Great because: With your body on a slant your pelvis is tipped backwards and some think that gravity can help the sperm reach the egg more easily - we see where they're coming from!

Sex positions for conception: Leg over

Leg over sex position

A classic position for deep penetration and great sex. You lie on the bed with your legs apart and raised in the air. He kneels in front of you and positions himself between your legs, pushing your legs further back, which rest on his arms as he thrusts.

Great because: Once again it's good news for get deep penetration! The deeper he goes the closer his sperm is closer to the cervix which some people think helps you to become pregnant.

Sex positions for conception: Dirty dancing

Dirty dancing sex position

Forget only having sex in the bedroom - you can do this one anywhere there is a wall! It's great if you've both got the stamina. He lifts you up and holds you under your bum. You grip his waist with your thighs and push your knees against the wall to support yourself. It's basically a mini work out, but one you will actually enjoy!

Great because: Ok, this one probably isn't the best for getting sperm close to the cervix, but if the thrill of it can help you to an orgasm then that's a bonus. Some experts say that the waves of an orgasm help the sperm to move in the right direction.

Sex positions for conception: The leg stretcher

Magic bullet sex position

Similar to the Leg Over position this one is all about putting your legs in the air, like you just don't care. First you lie on the bed with your legs straight up, whilst your man kneels on the bed behind you and hold on to your legs. It's a nice lazy one for you but still gives your legs a stretch.

Great because: You're in a good position for gravity to help the sperm get to where it needs to be. In fact, some people think it helps you to get pregnant if you stay lying down with your hips up for a little while after sex.

Sex positions for conception: Saddle up

The sideways saddle sex position

Another twist on Woman On Top or Cowgirl position, for this position it's his turn to lie down and you take control. As he lies down on the bed with his knees bent and legs apart, you slot in between his legs. Rock back and fourth whilst taking charge of the pace and depth.

Great because: An old wives tale says that having sex with a woman on top increases your chances of having a girl. We're not sure if we believe that, but it's worth a try isn't it? However, if you're feeling sick after sex, it may not be for you. Try slowing down or changing position is motion sickness is causing nausea.

Sex positions for conception: Hit the spot

Hit the Spot sex position

A lazy one for you! Lie on your stomach with your hips swivelled sideways and your legs bent. He leans forwards with his arms on either side of you and enters you.

Great because: Some fertility problems are caused because the uterus is positioned slightly differently to normal. If that's the case for you then this position could help, because the sperm comes from a different angle. You never know!

Sex positions for conception: The kneeling fox

The Kneeling fox sex position

This position is quite similar to doggy style, but gives you even deeper penetration so he really hits the spot. You get on your hands and knees but make sure to lean really far forward on to your forearms. Then your partner kneels behind you, grabs hold of your waist and enters you from behind.

Great because: It's good for deep penetration so again the sperm will reach the cervix more quickly. It's also good for intimacy in your relationship because there's lots of skin-to-skin contact with his arms wrapped around you.

Sex positions for conception: The shoulder stand

The shoulder stand sex position

Don't worry, this one is not as athletic as it sounds! You lie on your back and he leans in front of you. Next wrap your legs around him and let him lift you up off the bed and he enters you. Put your weight on your shoulders and he can support you with one arm under your back.

Great because: This is another one that's good for deep penetration, which helps the sperm get closer to the cervix. Also, with your hips leaning backwards, it is thought by some that the sperm will find it easier to travel inside you. Another perk of this position is that if you want to try something different but are a bit self conscious - it's not that far from the missionary position.

Sex positions for conception: Scissors

Scissors - sex position

Lie facing each other and put your top leg over his hip. He grabs your bum and you put your arm around his waist and push your bottom leg against his leg. This position will lead to lots of clitoral stimulation.

Great because: It's a really intimate position and it's quite relaxing for both of you.

Sex positions for conception: Back to front

Reverse cowgirl sex position

A popular twist on the classic cowgirl (Woman On Top) position. He lies flat on the bed whilst you climb on board, but instead of facing him as usual, you should be facing the other way with your back to him.

Lean forward and rest your arms on his thighs for support. Angle his penis downwards slightly and let him enter you, then rock back and forth.

Great because: There's no suggestion that this position will give the sperm a helping hand, but it's a fun position, great for hitting your G-spot which will hopefully give you an orgasm.

Sex positions for conception: Face to face

Face to face sex position

Sit opposite each other and then make a sultry slide onto his lap and sit on top of him. Once you're on, wrap your legs around his waist and join your legs behind his back. If he puts his feet together it will provide a kind of cradle for you and you can just rock on him.

Great because: It may not give sperm a helping hand but it often produces a simultaneous orgasm, as you both build up together to climax, so you'll have a great time together. Plus, the more fun you have in the bedroom, the more you will want to have sex which is pretty vital to getting pregnant!

Sex positions for conception: The High Dive

The High Dive sex position

Anywhere horizontal is good for this position, although you may find the floor better than the bed as it gives a more solid base to lie on.

Great because: You don't need to be on a bed for this one!

Sex positions for conception: Speed bump

Speed bump sex position

This one's super easy for you! Get comfy and lie flat on your stomach with a cushion under your belly and pelvic area. Let your man lower himself on top of you from behind whilst you spread your legs enough for him to enter you. You'll be orgasming for England before you know it!

Great because: This position is perfect for some added intimacy as there's so much skin to skin contact and puts him in the right place for lots of neck kisses. Plus, it's a good quickie position so no excuses not to have sex please!

Sex positions for conception: The chair bender

Melody maker sex position

This sex position is said to be great for conception and is definitely for the more adventurous lovers out there! Get a small stool or chair (yes there's props involved!) and sit on it sideways. Next, get ready for the head rush as you lean backwards so that your head is pointing down. Get your man to lean between your legs and enter you. It might help if he holds your hands to support you.

Great because: You'll feel extra giddy because of the rush of blood to your head AND you'll be helping the sperm travel in the right direction.

Sex positions for conception: Kneel and sit

Kneel and sit sex position

Get your man to kneel down on the bed on his knees. Sit yourself on top of his lap with your legs either side of his body and slide onto him. Now you can move and wriggle away to your heart's desire and control the speed and penetration. You can hold on to his back and shoulders for leverage too!

Great because: Not only are you in control, but he's in perfect position to play with your breasts and nipples as well as give you some sexy eye contact.

Sex positions for conception: The wrap-around

The wrap-around sex position

Reminiscent of the Kneel and Sit, this one sees you climbing on top of him for some great face to face loving. For this one the man sits on the bed, with his legs outstretched. Then you climb on top of him, and wrap your legs round behind his back, while he pulls you towards him. Then you move up and down at a speed to suit you.

Great because: You can control the penetration and the deeper you go, the closer the sperm is to it's destination! Plus this position encourages lots of kissing and cuddling which makes for a steamy session.

Sex positions for conception: Squeeze him tight

Tight squeeze sex position

If you've ever wanted to push everything off your desk and have spontaneous sex - this is the way to do it. You sit on any surface, wrap your legs around your man's waist and squeeze him tight. Your man faces you and you can wrap your arms around him to keep you upright.

Great because: It's easy to do anywhere so it'll help you to have more sex, which is the best way to improve your chances of conception. You can always lean back to help the sperm along - don't fall off the surface though!

Sex positions for conception: Thrust appeal

Lust and thrust sex position

The woman is lying on her back on the edge of bed, using her forearms to support her weight, with her legs dangling down. The man now stands in front of her, leaning forwards with his hands beside her hips and, as the name suggests, thrusts.

Great because: If you're tired, you get to do minimal work, enjoy the view and stimulate yourself at the same time if you can balance on one arm.

Sex positions for conception: The hand caress

Slippery nipple sex position

Lie flat on your back and get your man to sit upright, wrap your legs around him and shuffle on.

Great because: He does all the work, you can just lie back and relax - plus he has his hands free to caress you. Some old wives tales suggest that you're more likely to conceive if you have an orgasm, so get him to work on your clitoris.

Sex positions for conception: TV dinner

TV dinner sex position

Sit on a chair or your sofa and scoot forward so you're sitting fairly close to the edge. Now get your fella to kneel in front of you between your legs and slowly slide into you. Now he can grab your thighs and you can pull him onto you by his waist or bum. Things can get very fast and furious very quickly

Great because: You should like it because it's great for orgasms! He can use his mouth on you first, before you reach a fast, powerful orgasm together.

Sex positions for conception: The spider

The spider sex position

This takes a bit of manoeuvring. Start with you sitting facing and astride him. Then lie back, followed by the man until each partner's head is in between the other's legs. Then each partner can bring their knees up and hold onto the other's legs. Now all you need to do is slow, wiggling movements to keep each other aroused for a long time.

Great because: If you're feeling lazy, this is a very enjoyable position that can keep you happy for a long time

Sex positions for conception: The cat

The Cat sex position

Easy peasy. The man lies on top in the same way as the normal missionary position and enters you, but then he moves his body up slowly, until he's as high as he can get without hurting himself. Then, instead of thrusting, he grinds into you slowly in small circles. This is great for the woman, because her clitoris is being stimulated by the base of his penis.

Great because: It's almost guaranteed to give a woman a very deep, satisfying orgasm.

Sex positions for conception: alf off the bed

Half off the bed sex position

Lie back on your bed with your legs coming off the bed on to the floor. He stands up in front of you and lowers himself down until he can enter you. Once he is inside you hook your legs round his legs or, if you can manage it, round his waist. He then does all the work, thrusting into you.

Great because: if you fancy a no-action position, you get to lie back and do nothing and your G-spot should get a tickling.

Sex positions for conception: Man trap

sex position The Man Trap

With this one the clue is in the name. You basically trap your man with your legs, he isn't going anywhere now! First you lie on the bed and he gets on top of you like in missionary position. While he thrusts in and out, you wrap your legs around his legs, holding your body close to his. Arch your back for good clitoral stimulation.

Great because: You've got a bit of control over speed and rhythm. This is pretty close to the missionary position, which is the classic one for getting pregnant.


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