‘Sometimes I want to give up on this’ Mum praised for honest post about the hard days of marriage

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  • A mum has been praised for sharing a very honest post on social media about the hard days of marriage, saying that sometimes she wants to ‘give up’ on her relationship.

    Whitney Fleming, a mum blogger from Chicago, US, took to Facebook to write a candid post about the reality of marriage.

    Starting the message by saying that sometimes she wants to give up on her relationship of 22 years, the mum-of-three explained how she sometimes finds herself wanting ‘a simpler life’, with no ‘conflict or obligation’.

    Whitney also admits she’s not sure what’s stopping her from giving up – it could be her three children, the fear of living without a partner or the hassle of getting a divorce.

    However, the mum then reveals that when she’s feeling like giving up, she’s reminded of all the pain they’ve overcome together over the years, including ‘miscarriages and infertility and deaths and illnesses’.

    ‘Sometimes marriage is hard, harder than maybe it should be. Giving up may be logical, easier or sometimes even the right thing to do. Sometimes I want to give up on this, but not today.

    ‘So, in those times when I want to give up on this, I am reminded that for our marriage “joy cometh in the morning” as it always does. As I hope it always will.’

    The post resonated with many other married people, who commented to say they too have felt the same and thanked her for being so honest about her feelings.

    One said: ‘Such a relief to know my feelings that mirror yours (and many others!) are ‘normal’! Thank you for sharing your heart, and giving us permission to accept ours and continue this fight! This was so timely, it’s just amazing! 😇💕🙏’

    Another wrote: ‘You read my heart….thank you for this post…we change so much during a marriage and it seems so easy to walk away…but we made a commitment or a Sacrament if you believe…and that is forever.’