Here’s the best place to propose, according to each star sign - but do you agree?

Leap day is just around the corner, giving you the perfect excuse to propose. But with almost a quarter of a million people getting engaged every year, it can be hard to find an original way to do it.

Rings in champagne glasses? Romantic, sure – but it’s not very personal. Instead, why not check their star sign to avoid the clichés and figure out the best way to propose?

Luckily for us, the experts over at have figured it out.

These are their best ways to propose to your significant other, based on their star sign. But does it ring true for you?


Fiery Aries is the first of all the star signs, symbolised by the ram. They’re likely to be passionate, motivated and a strong leader. Some of the most famous Aries include artists like Leonardo da Vinci, so with that creativity in mind - opt for an adrenaline-fuelled proposal!

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Some of the favourites from the survey include jumping out of an aeroplane, going bungee jumping or being proposed to in a hot air balloon. Aries are also impulsive and don’t like to fit in with the crowd – so the more imaginative, the better.


Taurus signs are famous for their stubbornness, ambition and practical nature. They’re born in May, in the lead up to summer. So while you might think that they would prefer an exotic proposal in the sun, that’s not actually the case.

If your partner is born under the Taurus sign, they are also likely to be incredibly family-orientated and loyal. So, there’s no better place to propose to a Taurus than at a family gathering. Surrounded by family and the ones they love, they’re sure to say yes.


Geminis are considered to be the most versatile of all the zodiac signs.

They also excel in romance and appreciate small gestures of affection. It’s only natural then that of all the women surveyed, the Geminis wanted a more romantic proposal. Try a private beach off the beaten track…at sunset…with a string quartet.

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Those born under Cancer crave setting up roots. They want their own place to call home and someone to share it with.

It’s no surprise then that Cancers would prefer to be proposed to at home, or somewhere private. If you’re looking to make it a little more special, why not go for a secluded cabin in the woods? Cuddled up in the heart of a mountain, next to a roaring fire, surrounded by snow and drinking prosecco – that’s what a Cancer wants.


The courageous Leo is completely the opposite. They’re super outgoing, confident, hardworking and not known for their modesty. Some of the most famous Leo women are big stars in the spotlight, like Madonna.

With all that attention in mind, the Leos in the survey said that their perfect proposal location would be a restaurant, surrounded by clapping people. If you’re planning to propose to a Leo in this way, make sure to get a table with a view and be sure to tell the restaurant in advance – you don’t want any unplanned surprises!


Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiacs. There’s no point in planning an extravagant proposal for a Virgo because they want something much more understated.

For the Virgos surveyed by, their most ideal place to be proposed to was at home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! It’s a great opportunity to cook their favourite meal, put on their favourite music and create a relaxed atmosphere – for them and you!


Venus is the planet that rules Libras – so they're often graceful and full of charm. But Libras are also artistic and thrive on fun.

The best place to propose to a Libra? Paris, of course! Walk the cobbled streets, enjoy the finest wine and cheese then pop the big question. There’s no way that they’ll say no.


Scorpios are often seen as the most intimidating of all the zodiac signs. Because they’re often incredibly smart and passionate, Scorpios are also often misunderstood.

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But if you’re proposing to the special Scorpio in your life, you probably known them very well. So you’ll know, just like those surveyed, that they’d love to be proposed to on a city break! Take your Scorpio away for the weekend to Rome, Barcelona or Florence and watch their eyes light up.


Just like the half-horse, half-man centaurs that Sagittarius is associated with – Sagittarius people are born adventurers. They love travelling and exploring the world around them. As one of the fire signs, they’re also super passionate, so make sure their proposal is one to remember.

Go completely out of the box! According to the survey, Sagittarius women really liked the idea of being proposed to underwater. So get that wet suit on, don those flippers and get ready to dive!

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Capricorns are traditional - they like rules and following convention. They’re incredibly detail orientated and natural perfectionists, so it makes sense that some of the most famous capricorns out there are hugely successful women like Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The best place to propose to a Capricorn? You guessed it, the most traditional way possible – in a castle. Let them live their inner prince or princess fantasy and take them to a picture perfect castle for a fairy-tale ending.


Aquarius people are rebels by nature. Even though they are romantic at heart, they don’t do anything conventional and are free-spirited in their attitude to life, with a strong affinity with nature.

Picturesque, colourful places were the proposal spot of choice for the Aquarius surveyed by – a garden to be specific. But remember their love for unconventionality! String up some fairy lights, choose the right music and make it special.


Whereas Aquarius feels at home on the ground, Pisces are at one with water. They’re also kind and gentle, always up for sharing experiences, music and romance.

So give Pisces the proposal they’ll never forget and go to off the beaten track and onto the waves. Hire a boat and when the time is right, get down on one knee – they’ll be in their element.

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