Bride-to-be slammed for ‘ridiculous’ request for fiancé – but he actually agreed

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  • Engagement rings are an important part of any marriage, with many brides loving classic, timeless styles that go with anything.

    But one bride to be has been criticised for asking her husband to get her not one, but three different engagement rings ahead of their big day.

    Taking to Facebook group That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, she explained why she wanted three different rings in the first place.

    The bride wrote, ‘I’m super super picky when it comes to my jewellery – it all has to match.’

    She went on to explain that she had three different rings of different colours so they’d match whatever she was wearing.

    ‘So if I’m wearing silver it’ll have to be silver, if I’m wearing gold it all has to be gold, if I’m wearing rose gold everything has to be rose gold. I technically have three engagement rings.’

    She explained, ‘I have the first ring that he proposed to me with, which is silver with diamonds, and then I have a gold ring and a rose gold ring.

    engagement rings

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    ‘Ladies if your man doesn’t love you enough to make sure your OCD isn’t going crazy then you need a new man’.

    However, other group members weren’t impressed with her attitude, with many taking to the comments to criticise her.

    One wrote, ‘That’s not OCD. That’s called high maintenance and spoiled.’

    Another added, ‘Nah your man needs a new woman. You sound insufferable.’

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    engagement rings

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    A third wrote, ‘This is ridiculous. Your man should have told you no and then walked away from you.’

    And a fourth said, ‘The ring isn’t important its the love and meaning behind that ring’.

    Despite the backlash, it seems the bride is happy to have three different engagement rings.

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