Man secretly proposes to his girlfriend for a MONTH before she realises

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  • Planning the perfect proposal can be scary, and it’s difficult to know if it’ll actually go the way you’d hoped.

    But Edi Okoro took this to a new level, secretly proposing to his girlfriend Cally over and over again. He did this by taking the engagement ring everywhere, and taking a sneaky photo of it whenever Cally’s back was turned.

    Now that Cally has accepted his ‘real’ proposal, Edi was able to share all of the photos he took throughout the month.

    He put all the photos in a Facebook album called ‘How I proposed to Cally’, so you can see just how brave some of them were. It’s a wonder he wasn’t caught in the act!

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    Edi used this opportunity to pose with the ring on the sofa, when Cally was sleeping (even going as far as placing the ring on the palm of her hand at one point!), when they were out and about, and more.

    He described himself as a ‘spontaneous improviser’, and we think this hilarious photo album really reflects his personality! He knew the proposal could happen at any moment.

    Edi’s photo album has since gone viral, being shared across Facebook over 62,000 times. He received 27,000 comments from people impressed with the way he was able to pull this off.

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    One commenter wrote: ‘how cute is this’, and other added ‘I died laughing and I’m in love with this story’.

    One tagged their other half, joking ‘you would lose it or mess up a picture’. Who else can relate to this?

    Of course, many people wanted to know how Edi did propose, but we do know this story has a happy ending and Cally accepted. Hopefully he’ll tell the world details of how it actually happened soon…

    Congratulations to Edi and Cally!