Charley Webb reveals husband Matthew Wolfenden’s huge anniversary blunder

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  • Actress Charley Webb has revealed husband Matthew Wolfenden's anniversary present didn’t turn out quite as planned...

    The Emmerdale co-stars celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month after marrying in a secret ceremony last February.

    And Matthew had a very sweet idea for a gift to give his pregnant wife. ‘I had a gold necklace made that had a paper aeroplane pendant, as it was our paper anniversary,’ he told OK! Magazine.

    ‘I’d asked for the date of our wedding – 10.02.18 – to be engraved on it.’

    So what could possibly have gone wrong? ‘Matthew got me a necklace with the wrong date on it!’ Charley revealed. ‘I said to him: “This is really cute but it’s got the wrong date on it”.’

    ‘When it came they’d missed the first zero,’ Matthew explained. ‘Which was annoying!’

    We can’t believe he didn’t notice, but we’ll give him points for effort anyway. Charley did a bit better, sharing that she’d given Matthew a ‘glass bottle with a message in it, which said “1 year” and was signed with kisses’. Awww.

    Matthew and Charley had a surprise wedding at Ripley Castle in Harrogate, after telling their guests they were coming to Charley’s 30th birthday party! ‘That moment when we announced what we were doing and seeing everybody’s reaction is the best moment of my life,’ Charley told OK! Magazine at the time.

    Last month, the couple announced that they were expecting their third child together. They already have two sons, Buster, aged 8, and Bowie, aged 3.

    Matthew and Charley also shared the adorable way they broke the news of their new arrival to their kids. ‘We told the boys on Christmas Day when Charley was 11 weeks pregnant,’ said Matthew.

    ‘They had some joint presents and the final one was a teddy bear with a note attached which read, “Please give this to your baby brother or sister when they arrive in July, love Santa”.’