Nadia Sawalha’s husband opens up about how fame has destroyed part of their relationship

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  • Nadia Sawalha’s husband has opened up about how fame has impacted on the couple’s relationship.

    The Loose Women star’s husband, Mark Adderley, has admitted that his wife’s fame has had a negative impact on their relationship, saying that part of it has been destroyed due to her high profile.

    Speaking out on the pair’s podcast, ‘How To Stay Married (So Far)’, in an episode named ‘Mark says Nadia’s fame destroyed his ability to show affection (PDA confessions!)’, the TV producer revealed that he found it hard to show affection to his wife when they were spotted out in public.

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    ‘I feel there have been very different pressures on us that have made it difficult for us to indulge in any public displays of affection, conscious or unconscious,’ explained the dad-of-four. ‘One of them is your profile and the fact that you are off the telly.

    ‘That element and that hue to our relationship does and did make PDA a bit difficult,’ he continued.

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    ‘I mean the last time we did kiss in the street the Daily Mail photographed us. That puts an odd pressure on how we are in public.’

    The dad-of-four, who has been married to Nadia for 17 years and shares two teenage daughters with her, went on to address how he is aware of people watching them when they are out in public, as people know who Nadia is.

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    ‘I go into a bit of a panic because I don’t want people to think we are show offs,’ he said. ‘That’s partly because you are so used to being off the telly, you are very used to being looked at a sense of people knowing you.

    ‘I don’t mind it most of the time,’ he continued, ‘but sometimes I miss that privacy, and if we had that genuine anonymity that I would be far more willing to let you sit on my lap.’

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