This Morning viewers baffled after model says she’s ‘too good looking to find love’

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  • This Morning viewers left confused by Jenna Thompson, who told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that she is just 'too good looking to find love'.

    Speaking to presenters Holly and Phil, Jenna Thompson blames her good looks and toned figure for being single.

    The mum-of-one also blamed the latest online dating apps, which she has been using for over two years without any luck.

    She said: ‘I think it is the dating apps, it is impossible. It’s just a complete minefield, I have had some serious disasters.

    ‘I think I intimidate guys, I intimidate the nice guys. I seem to attract guys who are only after one thing.’

    Then, Phil asked: ‘Is it you? There are many good looking people who have found love, How come you can’t but they can?’

    Jenna continued: ‘It probably is me. I am very picky. I like heavily tattooed men, who can connect with me on a deeper level.’

    This Morning fans slam bikini model

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    However, This Morning’s fans are unsure if it’s Jenna’s good looks that are the problem.

    This Morning’s viewers quickly took to social media to comment on Jenna’s claims.

    Some viewers agreed with Jenna.

    One said: ‘She has a solid point. If most nice guys she’s met are to scared to talk to her and everyone else with some balls are just usually looking for hook ups. She is left with limited options. Think about it. It could be lonely.’

    Another added: ‘People say you’re too ‘picky’, NEVER should you just make do with someone. ‘Be with someone that makes you laugh, tells the truth and supports your dreams, loves you for who you are and wants to be with you’, wishing you your happy ever after Jenna 🙏😊💐.’

    Another said: ‘Saw you this morning, you were great, hope you can feel and the tattooed man of your dreams.’

    Others were not so convinced with Jenna’s beliefs.

    One said: ‘I don’t think your too good looking love…. I think its the vain attitude you have, thats enough to put anyone off… Even for women if a man does it.’

    Another added: ‘Shes stunning, but seriously? “Too good looking” just makes her sound cocky.’

    Jenna seems to be having some serious dating issues – she’s even featured on single parent episode of Channel 5’s Blind Date with Paul O’Grady, which airs this Sunday.

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