Saira Khan reveals how therapy saved her marriage to Stephen Hyde

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  • Loose Women panellist Saira Khan has opened up about her ‘fantastic’ sex life with her husband, adding that therapy had saved the couple’s marriage.

    It was just last year that the mum-of-two shocked Loose Women viewers when she revealed she gave her husband permission to sleep with other women, because she had completely lost her sex drive.

    Talking to the Telegraph, the TV personality admitted that she found herself making excuses to avoid going to bed with her partner Stephen Hyde.

    Saira said she had not gone off her husband of 11 years, but had lost her sexual desire, and exhaustion had affected her sex drive so much that she told him he could sleep with someone else.

    But now the 47-year-old and her hubby are back on track thanks to a course of couples therapy.

    On today’s show the panellists were discussing the idea of having sex with your partner even when you just don’t fancy it – something that is known as ‘service’ sex.

    In response an outraged Saira exclaimed: ‘My husband does not need a regular MOT. He’s not a battered old car.’

    She went on to reveal that she told her husband: ‘I said “I know you wanted it but I couldn’t do it just to give you pleasure because I don’t think you would have enjoyed it either”.’

    Referring to her honest revelation last year, she continued: ‘I talked about not wanting to have sex anymore,’ before going on to share that she felt so bad that even if she wanted to she wouldn’t have been able to actually have sex.

    However, she decided to address her issues, admitting: ‘I went to therapy and I took Steve with me. Since that day our sex life is fantastic, it’s fine.’

    She added: ‘[the lack of sex] was affecting my marriage. If I hadn’t come out and spoken about it I think my marriage would have broken up.’

    Saira then pleaded with viewers to ‘go talk to someone’ if they had issues in the bedroom.

    What do you think? Are you and your other half privy to a bit of ‘service sex’ or do you think if you don’t fancy it, don’t to it? Let us know in the comments box below.