These are the football players women want to cheat with – is your favourite on the list?

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Whether you’re single, in a relationship or married it’s perfectly natural to have a celebrity crush. It doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to do anything about it, or want to do anything about it for that matter.

A 2017 study says 72 per cent of women in long-term relationships fantasise about other men. According to the researchers at the University of Vermont, the longer the relationship - the more likely your mind is to wander. But who are we thinking about?

Your mind may start to wander when you’re least expecting it. Watching television perhaps… or maybe even the football? Footballers are always in the spotlight, so you’re bound to know who they are. Nowadays, football players are as much celebrities as they are athletes.

To find out who exactly is diverting our attention away from the players’ ball skills, asked over 1,000 women to rate the top ten most attractive footballers.

Who was footballer most women would cheat with?

The football player that gets pulses racing on the pitch is...

David Beckham – the England star and husband of fashion designer, Victoria Beckham – came up as the footballer women would most want to cheat with. Over one in five women surveyed decided that England’s lucky number seven was the man they would go for, given the opportunity.

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This is unsurprising for most of us, after all David Beckham has already been named the world's sexiest man in a suit. He's also been given the title of "Most Chiselled Chin" so really, who could resist? Having watched Becks strut his stuff both on and off the pitch over the years, certainly not us.

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Known as 'Goldenballs', David Beckham has played for a whole host of teams. As well as the national team, he's also played for Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain and AC Milan. And there was no stopping David in 2013, after he hung up his football boots for the last time.

Instead of looking to the goal posts, David Beckham turned to the camera. He’s done campaigns for brands including Calvin Klein, Adidas, H&M and Armani. But according to the survey, Becks doesn't cut it for some women.

Who else was on the list?

Up second was Tottenham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga with 15 per cent of votes, proving that tall, dark and handsome is still a popular choice with most women. While coming close behind was Chelsea’s man of the moment, Ruben Loftus Cheek. This 24-year-old footballer has followed in David Beckham's footsteps already (so maybe he'll be top of the list soon enough), as he models for Burberry in his spare time.

Other players who made the top ten list of footballers women would cheat with includes Everton footballer, Andre Gomes. Spanish centre-back Gerard Pique also makes an appearance, and so does the French player Olivier Giroud. But all together, they only just about beat the amount of votes given to David Beckham, with a total 24 per cent of women saying that they would cheat on their partners with them.

However in a shock twist, the famous international men of intrigue, Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi languish far down in 8th and 9th places.

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