Want to be a happy couple? Forget a night in with a DVD

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  • We’ve all been in that situation arguing with out partners about what film to watch at the cinema or which DVD to rent but new research shows just why so many people cannot agree on what to watch.

    It may confirm what you already knew but scientists say men and women simply have completely different ideas about what makes a good film – men like science fiction, sex and action while women want romance, humour and a happy ending above all.

    The study of 2,000 adults carried out by Direct Line found that both sexes think a cunning plot twist is an important part of any movie (54% for both), but they disagree when it comes to the sex scenes with men twice as likely to want one in their ultimate film – 25% compared with 12% of women.

    A happy ending is important for women with 47% wanting to see a happily ever after compared to just 26% of men.

    The survey revealed that romantic comedies make the top of women’s preferred genres while science-fiction dominated for the men, but 54% of men also feel an action sequence is essential to their perfect film while women are turned off by explosions and violence.

    Results also found the most common things to turn viewers off, these include an overly-complicated plot (33%) scenes of torture and gore (31%) and hilariously, talking animals (25%).

    TV psychologist Professor Geoffrey Beattie, who analysed the results of the poll, said: ‘This research shows that the perfect film needs to engage the mind – particularly with a plot twist – as well as the emotions.’

    But with women wanting a song and dance scene, a comedy sidekick, and a stand-off scene in their list of perfect film elements and men wanting action, sex, nudity, scary aliens and war in theirs, will couples ever find the perfect movie?  

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