The 100 Year Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson – review

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  • What’s the The 100 Year Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared about?

    Allan Karlsson may be 100 but he isn’t too old for one last adventure. As he clambers out of his nursing home room on the day of his 100th birthday party, he embarks on the another, unexpected chapter in his eventful life. Stumbling across a mystery suitcase sets Allan on a journey where he makes friends with a band of merry misfits, gets on the wrong side of some very dangerous (and a little stupid) criminals and catches the attention of the clueless local police. As we learn more about Allan’s 100 years on the earth, his unusual way of celebrating his 100 birthday doesn’t sound unusual at all.

    goodtoknow says: This book really reminds us of Forrest Gump. As well as Allan’s present day adventure, we are told of his life through a series of flashbacks. Like our hero in the popular film, Allan is a loveable witness to some of the most important moments in history and despite being against politics in any form, he finds himself responsible for some of the most memorable political manoeuvres ever. This portion of the novel highlights the ludicrous moments of politics as Allan is fought over and sent on mission after mission – when all he wants is a decent meal and some vodka to wash it down!

    The present day story reads more like an action caper – albeit with a centurion at the helm. Unlikely and slightly silly but never unbelievable, Allan lucks his way through dangerous encounter after dangerous encounter as the consequences of taking the suitcase unfold. With a scattering of well-developed, and downright bizarre characters, Allan’s little world is beautifully portrayed. He might not be the smartest man around, but his big heart and unique outlook on life have helped him survive 100 dangerous years – and it doesn’t look like he’s about to stop any time soon!

    Heart-warming and thoroughly easy to read, this book is made to be read in the sun, under a parasol with a nice drink in your hand – just as Allan would want it!

    Rating: 9/10
    Publisher: Hesperus Press
    Publish date: Out now

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