Tooth-twinging moments those with sensitive teeth will (ouch!) know only too well

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  • Spring’s here, which means walks in the park, ice creams with the family and creamy cappuccinos with friends… at least, it did before sensitive teeth kicked in to spoil the fun.

    Now those little treats are little more than distant memories – in fact, we’ve almost forgotten why we stopped having them. Was it our waistlines? Nope. It was just those pesky sensitive teeth making us wince every time we so much as bit into a lolly or sipped a hot tea.

    Sound familiar? Join us as we trawl through the common culprits that trigger tooth pain – we bet you’ll be nodding your head as you scroll down. Keep going, the best bit’s at the end when we reveal a great way to alleviate the ouch factor…

    1. When it’s coffee o’ clock

    A shopping trip with the girls wouldn’t be half as much fun without a nice hot coffee. But if you’re the one who’s always last to finish, it could be less about gossiping too much and more about hot drinks triggering a tooth twinge, so you’re left with a lukewarm cuppa that’s a far cry from the piping hot drink you’d rather be having.

    2. So you want to cool down?

    There are times when the supermarket dash can seem like a workout and an iced drink is just what you need to cool down, but it’s a common trigger of sensitive tooth pain so lots of us avoid refreshing, chilled drinks. It may even be getting in the way of drinking your recommended eight glasses of water a day – let’s face it, when it comes to tepid water vs iced water we know which we’d prefer!

    3. Mmmm… time to share a sweet treat

    Park duty with the kids has its perks – especially joining in when they have an ice cream, lolly or sweets. But did you know sugary treats can trigger sensitive teeth? The chances are you’ll be left looking longingly at a tasty ice cream cone while they tuck in.

    4. When you’re out in the fresh air

    Nothing beats a bracing walk along a windswept beach, walking the dog and having fun with the family, but if you have sensitive teeth even cold wind can make your teeth hurt – ouch!

    5. Doing your twice daily toothbrushing

    You know the best way to keep your pearly whites healthy and looking good is by brushing in the morning and last thing at night, but if brushing causes tooth twinges, you may be avoiding sensitive areas. That’s likely to lead to extra dentist’s bills – double ouch!

    If these scenarios sound all too familiar, it’s time to stop letting tooth sensitivity spoiling simple everyday pleasures and routines. While you can’t reverse the damage that exposes the soft dentine beneath tooth enamel, you can relieve the pain.

    But how? Simply by using a Sensodyne desensitising toothpaste twice a day every day – no less, no more. Not only is Sensodyne the number one dentist-recommended brand for sensitive teeth, but it has a range of toothpastes specifically designed to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. Whichever one you choose, use it twice daily and you’ll get all the benefits of a regular toothpaste. It can also help protect against plaque, maintain healthy gums, restore natural whiteness and freshen breath. So as long as you continue to use it, you can enjoy eating and drinking whatever you fancy without the pain of tooth twinges. Ice cream sundae anyone? Advertisementadvertisement

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