Andrea McLean’s embarking on a two month ‘gut cleanse’ and fears it could affect her marriage

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  • Andrea McLean is planning a lengthy ‘gut cleanse’ and fears the strict health regime could impact married life.

    Loose Women regular and mum-of-two Andrea McLean has taken to social media to inform her followers that, due to health reasons, she’s embarking on a two month ‘gut cleanse’.

    In the lengthy Facebook post Andrea explains that she’s not detoxing or starting a new January diet.

    She’s making the dietary changes ‘to re-set a very poorly system’ and hopes the world will be more forgiving of these changes given many people are attempting to boost their health this month.

    Andrea wrote: ‘So… for reasons that will be explained, I have to go on a ‘gut cleanse’. Not a detox, or a weight loss for January thing, it’s to re-set a very poorly system that needs help.

    ‘There was absolutely no point starting this in December for very obvious reasons, so it made sense to begin in January when the rest of the world is a bit more forgiving towards someone having to cut lots of things out of their everyday diet.’

    The cleanse will last two months and husband Nick has agreed to do the cleanse with her, though Andrea is worried about it’s affect on their marriage.

    She said: ‘This has very nearly BROKEN US!! Nick is very sportingly doing it with me, but he is struggling even more than me – probably because he doesn’t HAVE to do it!’

    Andrea will be documenting the cleanse on Facebook and her website This Girl Is On Fire. She hopes to show what it’s really life and if it is worth it. She joked: ‘Will Nick cave in? Will we survive? To be honest I’m too hungry to care right now – is that wrong? #gutcleanse #january #newstart #health #ohgodhowmuchlonger’.

    Andrea and Nick got married in December 2017

    Andrea’s fans have been incredibly supportive and left lots of messages under the video.

    One person wrote: ‘Sounds horrific but needs must. Good luck xx’ and another said: ‘Good luck Andrea keep it up’.

    Speaking from experience a third fan wrote: ‘Good luck to you both, I’ve had to do the “GUT CLEANS” a number of times over a few years and I can only say it’s “HORRIFIC”.🤮🤢🤭🤬 I have done it because I have Crohn’s Disease💩, so I needed to rest and clean my gut in the hope it would calm the disease down, I hated every bloody moment of it, so I wish you both the very best of luck💋’.