Shoppers are branding this £30 anti-snoring gadget a ‘small miracle’

Attention snorers!
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  • Did you know that World Sleep Day is on the horizon?

    March 13th will mark the special day, dedicated to appreciating the natural beauty that is a great night’s sleep.

    But for a huge chunk of the population, sleeping isn’t a peaceful and easy treat, thanks to the fact they share a bed with a snoring partner.

    The UK is home to approximately 15 million snorers. That means there’s rather a lot of bed sharers out there enduring the disturbing snores of the person next to them.

    Not only can a snoring partner rob you of precious hours of sleep and leave you exhausted, relentless snoring can spark conflict between couples and even lead to divorce.

    Luckily, there’s something special out there for snorers to try- and it may just be the answer to their partner’s night time prayers.

    The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is the clinically tested product that can put an end to snoring for good.

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    The small ring, placed on the little finger, 30 minutes before bed time works by using acupressure stimulators to open the breathing passageways during sleep.

    The two acupressure points inside the ring apply light pressure on specific points on your little finger and help you to fall asleep and breathe better during the night.

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    The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is currently available to buy from Amazon for around £30,  with a 30-day guarantee.

    While the ring doesn’t promise to work on every one who gives it a go, it has received heaps of glimmering reviews, from those who have banished snoring for good, with some even dubbing it a ‘small miracle’.

    With a no quibble cash back promise and the potential to breathe easy and provide your partner with a quiet night’s sleep, giving it a go really is a no brainer.

    I’ve worn it for 2 weeks now and it REALLY DOES work!! Follow the instructions to the letter and make sure the 2 pressure points are on the correct side and the ring is snug on your little finger and for some reason, it works. I’ve been ‘snore free’ now for 2 weeks and not only do I feel better, my husband does too!!! I wouldn’t recommend trying it highly enough,’ one happy shopper praised.

    I was really dubious about this because, well, it sounded too good to be true. I used the ring as directed – I used the small size and just pinched the ends together slightly for a nice snug fit – and didn’t notice any difference to my ability to sleep, comfort, etc. My partner, on the other hand, reported that I was so quiet he checked my breathing a couple of times to be sure I hadn’t died!’ added another.

    My snoring was getting so bad it was sending my partner to sleep on the sofa so I was willing to try anything. I didn’t believe that this small little ring would do anything but oh my days its fantastic I’m now so quiet my partner thought I was dead! I don’t know how it works but it does so I highly recommend it to any snorer,’ chipped in a third.

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