Dad issues warning to parents after son tragically dies in lockdown

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  • 24-year-old Louis O'Neill tragically died from deep vein thrombosis after spending too much time sitting down in lockdown.

    Louis was a football coach and had been furloughed from his job at Centre Parcs within a week of lockdown starting.

    As a result of this, he spent more and more time indoors despite dad Stanley Greening trying to encourage him to ocassionally leave the house.

    Mr Greening is now warning others about the dangers of spending too much time sitting in chairs every day.

    In an emotional post, he wrote, ‘On 3rd June something so awful happened, the worst imaginable thing to happen to such a young man and the worst imaginable thing to happen to a parent. My son, my dear boy, Louis, has gone.’

    Not from the evil virus but because of it. His young life, barely begun, still trying to find his feet, just torn away. The devastation… after seeing my dear boy go like that, I am in a living hell.’

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    He added, ‘24 years old. Who is warning youngsters? Who is warning anyone, of any age? No one!! So I am. My son will live on, I shall continue to spread this warning in his name.

    ‘This terrible thing was preventable had he or we known such risks. It is very rare in such circumstances but speaking to medical professionals I discover there has been a number of cases in youngsters during this lockdown. Like many I associate it with older people and something we are warned about on planes!

    He ended his post by encouraging others to stand up and walk around, as many of us are likely spending too much time sitting down during lockdown.

    What is deep vein thrombosis?

    According to the NHS, deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot that develops within a deep vein in the body, usually in the leg.

    It is commonly caused by long periods of inactivity, such as being confined to bed or long-haul flights.

    Symptoms include pain in the leg, often starting in your calf, a feeling of warmth in the leg, and red or discoloured skin.

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