Expert reveals THESE are the germiest spots in your home – can you guess what the worst offender is?

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  • With many of us spending much more time indoors, we’re naturally going to be around the germiest spots in our homes. And an expert has revealed exactly where they are.

    A new study by Currys PC World has revealed the germiest spots in the home, and they’re all in the kitchen.

    The team swab-tested British kitchen to discover where people should be cleaning more around their homes, and the kitchen came up on top.

    Research reveals that the sponge is the dirtiest item in the kitchen, and it’s even more germ-ridden that your floor.

    It contains 35 per cent of the Faecal Streptococci colonies found.

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    This is because sponges are porous, damp and warm, all of which are excellent breeding conditions for germs and bacteria.

    To avoid spreading the germs around, experts advise replacing it every week or two with a fresh, clean sponge.

    The second dirtiest place was the kitchen sink, which we all use a lot throughout the day. From washing dishes to cleaning shoes, there’s a lot we rely on it for.

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    Scarily, 100 per cent of the sinks tested positive for P. aeruginosa, a pathogen that can cause disease in plants, animals and humans.

    To prevent bacteria from spreading, experts recommend incorporating a thorough cleaning routine to keep your sink clean and free of germs.

    The average sink is only cleaned every 25 days, so a consistent cleaning routine is key here.

    Finally, the fridge is also full of germs, because of cross-contamination from raw meats and unwashed vegetables.

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    The study found that 88 per cent of fridge shelves tested positive for P. aeruginosa.

    To prevent this, food should be stored between the optimal temperatures of between 0 and 5 degrees.

    Research found that the average fridge is cleaned every four months and two weeks, so it should be cleaned more regularly to avoid the spread of germs.

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