Vet warns dog owners about deadly danger over Easter weekend

Keep those Easter treats away from your pets...
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  • Hot cross buns are a tasty treat for us during springtime, but they can be deadly to our four legged friends.

    Vets have issued a warning about keeping hot cross buns away from dogs, as the raisins can be toxic.

    One case saw a dog owner from Surrey rushing to see an emergency vet after her two dogs got hold of a packet of hot cross buns.

    Nicole Hellyer told DevonLive, “Although we have a stair gate on the kitchen, they got in there and Timmy obviously decided to do a bit of counter surfing and helped himself.

    “When I got in the floor was covered in mess and when I walked into the bedroom, I found empty wrappers from the hot cross buns.”

    She took them both to the vets where they were given injections to induce vomiting, then they were well enough to return home later in the day.

    hot cross buns dogs

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    Nicole added, “It’s a real wake-up call as to what can happen, especially as Timmy is a crafty one.

    “I’d warn other owners not to leave hot cross buns around at any time.”

    Raisins are just one of the foods that are deadly to dogs.

    Another common Easter treat is chocolate, which can be very bad news for our pets.

    We’ve listed the dangers of chocolate to dogs and what to do if they manage to get hold of it.

    Dr Laura Playforth from Vets Now has commented on the dangers of raisins.

    She revealed, “It’s unclear exactly what causes the toxic effects of raisins but just one can kill a susceptible dog so real caution should be taken with foods, like hot cross buns, that contain them.

    “The good news is the prognosis for grape and raisin toxicity is generally good if treated early.”

    So if you are tucking into some hot cross buns this weekend, make sure you keep them far away from your dogs!