Most-liked picture on Instagram has been revealed as a mental health campaign

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  • Instagram’s most-liked picture ever has been revealed as a mental health campaign.

    The picture of an egg, which was first posted on Instagram at the start of January by a page named world_record_egg, was originally intended to break the world record for the most-liked image on Instagram.

    Raking up over a whopping 52 million likes to date, the post far surpassed its primary goal to beat Kylie Jenner’s nearly 19 million likes she received last year on her photo showing her holding her new-born daughter’s hand that revealed she had given birth to first child Stormi Webster.

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    And social media users around the world were perplexed at how the mundane object managed to reach such global fame.

    But now the viral world record egg, has been revealed as something much more important than just a social media record – a mental health campaign.

    Over a series of six photos on the egg’s Instagram page, followers can see it start to gradually show up with more and more cracks.

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    And in the newest post, which was posted yesterday, fans were treated to an animated video of the egg.

    The video sees the Insta-famous egg display the same cracks that it shows in the previous image. The cracks then start to expand and the lovable egg ends up exploding into a pile on the floor.

    ‘Hi, I’m the world_record_egg (you may have heard of me),’ shows the caption accompanying the video’s actions.

    ‘Recently I’ve started to crack,’ it continues. ‘The pressure of social media is getting to me’.

    However, all is not lost for the little egg.

    ‘If you’re struggling too talk to someone,’ reads the caption, before the egg pops up into its former fully functioning state.

    ‘We got this,’ it finishes, with a smiley face shown on the front of the egg.

    ‘Phew! I feel so much better now,’ reads the caption on the Instagram post. ‘If you’re feeling the pressure, visit to find out more. Let’s build this list together’

    The video campaign finishes with a message to visit for more information.

    If you go on to visit the website in question you will find a list of useful links to mental health support groups, organised by whichever country you live in.