Doctor reveals why letting your kids lick the spoon while baking is a serious danger

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If lockdown life has sparked an interest in baking for your kids, there’s something really important to note.

While letting little ones lick the mixing spoons clean after mixing up some cake or cookie batter might seem like a fun treat, it’s actually pretty dangerous, according to a GP.

Doctor and mummy influencer Dr Preeya Alexander has warned her followers against allowing kids to lick the last smears of cake mixture.

Taking to her Instagram account, The Wholesome Doctor, she explained that some of the ingredients used when baking can cause some nasty food poisoning – and it’s not just down to raw eggs.

I know I know - some of you are going to wonder why on earth I would try and murder this age old tradition,’ the health expert penned.

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Please know I love cake and I love kids but licking cake bowls isn't allowed in our house because it can be risky stuff (just read on; I promise, I'm not trying to be a spoil sport).

Often people think the risk comes from potentially consuming raw egg - and yes, this can be an issue.

The deal breaker many people don't realise is that raw flour can also harbour bacteria like E.Coli.’


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You have to remember that flour is made from grain grown in fields - animals can urinate or defecate on these plants causing it to become contaminated with E.Coli despite processing (heat and cooking the flour kills E.Coli),’ Priya continued.

There have been E.Coli outbreaks linked to flour before - hence the recommendation is to cook flour before you eat it.

The last thing you want with your iso-creation is diarrhoea.’

Too right…

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