Mothercare slammed for promoting tight corsets to new mothers without a health warning

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  • Mothercare has been slammed for promoting tight corsets to new mothers.

    The mother and baby store has come under fire for promoting tight corsets to mothers who have just given birth without accompanying the product descriptions with a safety warning.

    The retailer has said that it will now review the online advertising of some of its lingerie, after mums and midwives raised concerns with The Times newspaper.

    Their range of Belly Bandit post-pregnancy body shapers are modelled by glammed up women and the descriptions do not highlight the health concerns around wearing such tight clothing so soon after giving birth.

    mothercare slammed post partum corsets

    Credit: Mothercare

    The store has now admitted that the American products, which are sold as ‘sexy, slimming and smoothing’ corsets that are ‘perfect for date night’ should come with a warning.

    ‘They are definitely not for date night,’ Jacqui Tomkins, the chairwoman of Independent Midwives UK, told The Times. ‘If you have it too tight [early post-partum] you could be causing damage.

    ‘I’m very anxious for women who are getting the wrong message. It’s saying the most important thing is for you to be back in shape, looking like Kim Kardashian. That worries me.’

    mothercare slammed post partum corsets

    Credit: Mothercare

    Sarah McMullen, of the National Childbirth Trust, added: ‘The early days and weeks after birth can be really challenging, both physically and emotionally, and women of all shapes and sizes can lack confidence in their bodies at this time.

    ‘We should be giving them time and space to adjust to their ‘new normal’ and build confidence, rather than adding to the pressure to meet unrealistic expectations.’

    Both Mothercare and Belly Bandit have commented, with a spokeswoman for Mothercare saying: ‘We are reviewing the wording and imagery to ensure it is clear to customers how this product should be used.’

    Belly Bandit released a statement adding that the corset was not designed to be worn immediately after giving birth. ‘We generally recommend using belly bands [another product in same range] in the first six months and use corsets after that.’