Mrs Hinch fans share GENIUS hack to reduce time spent in supermarkets

supermarket hack
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During lockdown, supermarkets can be a stressful place to be. But there's a genius way to make your supermarket trip even easier.

Many of us take lists to the supermarket so we don't forget what we need, but we can still spend a lot of time searching for the right items.

To seriously reduce time spent wandering about the aisles, there's a specific way you should organise your list.

If you know your supermarket well, you should list everything in the order of the store and the aisles.

That way, you can find whatever you're looking for much easier. It'll save you both time and stress when you need to pick up groceries.

Taking to Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, Stacey Roberts wrote, 'Organisation at its finest!!

'My supermarket shopping in lockdown hack! Re-write the whole list in the order of the supermarket shelves, no more walking backwards and forwards for me.'

supermarket hack

Credit: Stacey Roberts

She shared several photos of very organised lists, in a similar vein to Mrs Hinch herself who often shares hers via Instagram Stories.

Mrs Hinch even has a highlight full of 'Hinchlists' to inspire followers.

Fans are loving Stacey's idea too, with many of them taking to the comments to praise it.

One wrote, 'I now do this since lockdown 👍 so much easier! Just grab and go'.

Another added, 'I do this every week, very handy!'

supermarket hack

Credit: Stacey Roberts

And a third wrote, 'I do this but on post it notes, so that I can quickly check I’ve got everything from that aisle and then discard the note 😀'.

Even though this hack is ideal for lockdown, we can see ourselves sticking to it even when we're out of lockdown.

After all, who wants to spend ages wandering around a supermarket? Not us!

Supermarkets have implemented strict social distancing measures during lockdown, and this hack will definitely help you get things done without getting in everyone's way.

Will you be trying this supermarket hack? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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