Mum claims she cured baby’s cold with onion and sugar remedy

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  • A mum says she has cleared up her baby’s cold with a homemade onion and sugar remedy.

    There is nothing worse than watching your tiny tot suffer with a stinking cold.

    However, one mum swears by a homemade remedy to cure a snotty nose in just three days – all you need is an onion, some sugar and a bowl.

    Carol Heaton’s eight-month-old son, Xavier, was suffering with a terrible cold and ear infection.

    After trying everything with little improvement, Carol took matters into her own hands, using a old-school natural medicinal treatment – using everything that you probably already have stored in your kitchen pantry.

    The natural remedy is simple and cheap: cut an onion into slices, sprinkle on some sugar and let the bowl rest for a few hours until juice from the onion collects at the bottom of the bowl.

    Carol suggests giving your little one a teaspoon of the liquid every hour.

    In just a couple of hours, the youngster had noticeably improved – the congestion in his chest eased and he began to cough up phlegm.

    Carol, mum-of-two, told Kidspot: ‘It has been used in my family for many years, my mum used to give this to us when we were kids. I was desperate to help him feel better and for some sleep myself.’

    She added: ‘He was sleeping better at night and the coughing started to ease too. To say I was amazed would be an understatement. Wow, something that actually works.’

    ‘It’s a great recipe because it’s easy to do, two ingredients which you have sitting in your pantry or fridge. It’s quick acting and all natural. And the most important part is that it actually works.’

    However, this natural remedy is not new, with many people recommending the onion sugar syrup for generations.

    It’s said to work as the onion thins out the phlegm build up in your chest, and onions also contain vitamin C, which is typically used to help your immune system.