Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha reveals she’s struggling to stick to her diet and blames ‘menopausal binges’

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  • Nadia Sawalha has confessed that all she wants to do is ditch her diet – but she can’t because she constantly compares herself to her ‘slim’ Loose Women co-stars.

    The actress says she’d have carbs with every meal if she could, but has been ‘making healthy choices’ instead.

    Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Own, Nadia said, ‘If I wasn’t in the public eye I’d just let myself go. I work in a job where most of the other women are super-slim. Everyone works out like nutters, they’re all really fit. It’s enormous pressure.’

    And it seems that since going through the menopause, 54-year-old Nadia is struggling to keep her food cravings at bay.

    She’s recently been documenting her binges on Instagram, even confessing that she stole her 11-year-old daughter Kiki’s Easter eggs!

    She wrote, ‘Chocolate binge alert! My daughter’s back in five minutes. It took me ages to find her Easter eggs. I’ve got such a chocolate head, I’m going to scoff as much as I can before she’s back.’

    She later said, ‘Why can we not have carbs with every meal? I never have as much as I want, and right now I want a massive pile of roast potatoes. But I’m unfortunately going to make a healthy choice and have brown basmati rice instead.’

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    Me and my sister @missdina62 always say we’ve never met a carb that we haven’t fallen madly and passionately in love with !! Why 😩oh 😩why😩can we not have them at every bloody meal ?!! Don’t get me wrong I don’t go a day without them but I never have as much as I want !! And right now I want a massive pile of roast potatoes ! I don’t want any veg I don’t want any protein I just WANT potatoes and I want them now !!! BUT I’m unfortunately going to make a healthy effing choice and have brown basmati rice instead !!! What would you rather have than a healthy choice tonight ?!!! what dish makes your heart melt ? What’s your sexiest dish ??? #naughtyfood #carblover #healthyfoodchoices #healthychoices #healthyish #healthydinners #carb #carbs #potatolover #roastpotatoes #healthyeatingideas #healthyliving #healthyyou #roastedpotatoes #rosemarypotatoes #ilovepotatoes #roastedveggies #dinnertonight #dinnerfortonight #delicious #deliciousfoods #deliciousfood #supper

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    And sharing a picture of a cake, she later added, ‘I know this is in the fridge… absolute f***er.’

    Nadia, who is also mum to Maddie, 16, has previously admitted using food as an emotional crutch, describing it as her ‘favourite drug’.

    ‘If I was sad, lonely, nervous, I’d turn to food,’ she said. ‘It wasn’t until I went to Overeaters Anonymous that I realised it was a thing. It doesn’t mean I never binge, but it doesn’t get a grip on me like it used to, because I recognise it.’

    The presenter has also been honest about her tough experience with the menopause, admitting, ‘I wake up in the morning and it’s like there’s a ton of bricks on my shoulders.

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    ‘The menopause is really dark. I had irrational rages – you get really angry out of nowhere and all of a sudden I’d have these flip-outs.’

    We reckon you deserve every bit of that chocolate, Nadia!