Primark’s brand new hair range includes an amazing £12 hairdryer

Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark could be our new favourite hair brand


Primark has been making waves in the beauty world lately, and the new Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark hair range looks set to continue the trend.

The collection, which dropped into stores February 24, is a collaboration with celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, who tends to the tresses of Hollywood actresses, supermodels and most famously of all The Kardashians.

The range includes hair care, tools, styling sprays and accessories, and with prices ranging from £2 for a tail comb to electrical tools, we predict this could be another sell-out collaboration for the Irish retail giant.

Possibly the best bargains of all are the three electrical tools - a hair straightener, curler and dryer that looks more than a little bit like a certain very famous dryer from a very famous British company - but at £12, less than 5% of the price.

Primark x AF Hairdryer, £12 (Credit: Primark)

All the tools look pretty in their pink and white packaging and come with built in hair-protecting features like ceramic barrel, auto shut-off and a variety of speed and heat settings on the dryer.

Speaking about the collection Andrew has said, "People often ask me how they can create the looks I deliver for my clients at an affordable price point. Now I’ve created a haircare range that will do just that with the Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark collection. It’s a dream come true to launch my own hair care range. To know I am doing it with a retailer so suited to my vision and so close to my Dublin roots makes it all the more special."

As well as his red carpet and editorial work, Dublin-born Andrew is also an online influencer with nearly 500k followers on Instagram. So naturally some of the products are designed to appeal to a younger audience, like pink silky scrunchies and a paddle brush with giant AF logo (it’s surely no coincidence that AF is a sweary text acronym in millennial-speak...).

Primark x AF Volume Shampoo, £4 (Credit: Primark)

Primark x AF Volume Conditioner, £4 (Credit: Primark)

More grown up looking are the shampoo and conditioner duos, £4 each, which promise either, shine or repair and come in sophisticated rose gold bottles. The styling sprays are impressive too, in four varieties at £2.50 a pop; Texture, Volume, Hairspray and Dry Shampoo.

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