Silentnight’s brand new weighted blanket will hug you to a peaceful and restful sleep

weighted blanket

Silentnight has launched a brand new weighted blanket – and it could help you relax during these challenging times.

Getting good quality sleep can be a problem for many people during ‘normal’ times – let alone during a global pandemic.

But if you’re finding it hard to get some good shuteye and end feeling tired all the time, giving a weighted blanket a try could transform your sleep and making your sleep problems disappear.

Credit: Silentnight

Silentnight just launched their first, which was designed by sleep experts to ease stress and anxiety.

How does a weighted blanket work?

Due to the with deep-touch pressure stimulation it offers, it relaxes both the body and the mind - much like a good hug from a loved one (remember those?).

Weighing 6.8kg, it comforts your nervous system to make you feel safe and grounded.

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The weight comes from thousands of small glass beads stitched within that provide an even spread of gentle, soothing pressure.

Do weighted blankets help with anxiety?

The timing of the new Silentnight launch is also very special. They're introducing their new product during Mental Health Awareness Week (18th – 24th May), to give a helping hug to those of us struggling with stress, anxiety or other mental health issues.

Credit: Silentnight

Silentnight’s Brand Licensing Manager, Clare Rix says, “With mental health concerns such as stress and anxiety being so prevalent throughout our modern world, we knew we wanted to create a Silentnight product that would hopefully help those that suffer get the great night’s rest we all deserve.

“If you’ve ever experienced anxiety you will understand its physical affects, as well as its phycological ones and so we designed the Weighted Blanket to feel as safe, secure and soothing as possible, to replicate the comforting effects of being hugged by a love one. Once the body is feeling calmer, it’s easier for the mind to follow suit and ease itself into valuable, restful slumber.”

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