‘This is basically promoting eating disorders’ Shoppers slam The Range for selling a ‘bikini body’ weight loss aid

Shoppers were disappointed in the product
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  • Home store The Range has been criticised for selling a weight loss aid, which encourages shoppers to ‘countdown to their bikini body’.

    Taking to Instagram, The Range shared a photo of their weight loss aids which come shaped like scales or a bikini. They feature slots to put coins in when you reach various weight loss milestones all the way up to 23lbs.

    Their caption reads, ‘If one of your New Year resolutions is to lose some weight then a Counting Down The Pounds Plaque is sure to help you achieve this goal! Track your progression & earn the money reward at the end too! Prices start from £2.29! We have a few designs to choose from so pick up your favourite today!’

    But some shoppers weren’t happy about the bikini body version, seeing the design as problematic when it comes to body image, arguing that ‘all bodies are bikini bodies’.

    One lengthy comment read, ‘”Countdown to my bikini body” wow…way to promote diet culture. All bodies are bikini bodies. I love your store but you really missed the mark here. I ignored the previous post you made with similar ones of these, and i didnt agree with those either, but this bikini one is really not okay. It just normalises what people think a “bikini body” should be.’

    It continued, ‘Everyone has different body types and they are all beautiful. So disappointing. I doubt my opinion will matter..but it absolutely should. This is basically promoting eating disorders by implying you need to have the perfect bikini body by losing weight. Not okay.’

    Another user agreed, writing, ‘Toxic message, every body is a bikini body and people shouldn’t be sold into rewarding themselves with their own money for losing weight.’

    And a third simply read, ‘Stop making women feel unworthy.’

    The Bikini Body Pound Countdown plaque is available on The Range website for £2.29. According to the product description it’s ‘A fun and unique way to save money and get fit’.

    Their scale shaped version of this is also available on the website, coming in slightly pricier at £3.49.

    GoodtoKnow has reached out to The Range for comment.

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