These shocking viral photos prove you should never let high street sizes dent your confidence

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A set of viral photos have proved that high street clothing sizes are, basically, a load of rubbish.

If you've ever been left feeling downtrodden and drained of confidence in a high street changing room because your usual size of jeans are suddenly impossible to squeeze into, these snaps will explain a lot.

The social media posts prove just how little the number on the label of your clothes matters, by showing the utterly huge differences in sizes of denim jeans and shorts from different retailers.

Fashion blogger @the_rebeccaedit left her followers gobsmacked when she shared a series of images, showing her trying on various pairs of jeans ordered from different shops.

Explaining that she had bought a pair of size 8 jeans from ASOS, a size 10 pair from Topshop and size 12 pair from Zara, Becki pointed out that the fit of the denim pieces were drastically different, with the size 12 pair coming up way smaller than the size 8 and 10 pair.

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'Is there any wonder no one knows what size they are?! This to me is madness and if I wasn't as comfortable in my own body and my own skin as I am, these jeans would make me feel rubbish, worthless, fat and the list goes on,' she wrote beside the upload, before urging others to take sizing with a pinch of salt.

'PLEASE do not let the clothes define how you feel about yourself. You are more than a size label. You are more than those jeans that don't quite fit right. And if something doesn't fit you please remember that there is NOTHING wrong with your body and EVERYTHING wrong with the clothes.'

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Meanwhile, another image showing the stark size difference between three pairs of size 10 shorts attracted loads of attention on Twitter.

'Been thinking recently how cr*p clothes sizes are, they are never accurate and now I’m packing for holiday and I’ve got 3 pairs of denim shorts from 3 different shops but they are all a size 10.... the picture just says it all,' poster Harriet Smart wrote. 

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