Woman shares graphic pictures of her skin to raise awareness about skin cancer

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  • A woman has shared graphic pictures on social media to raise awareness about skin cancer.

    WARNING: Graphic pictures below

    Lauren Huntriss, 31, who was a contestant on TV show Married at First Sight in Australia, shared the shocking images on Instagram and revealed she had a skin cancer scare in her twenties.

    Lauren explained that the circle around the spot shows the area affected beneath the surface (Credit: Instagram/laurenhuntriss)

    Alongside the images, she wrote: ‘Lets talk skin cancer. (WARNING ⚠️ Don’t swipe across if you are easily grossed out…) I first noticed what looked like just another pimple on my poor face so I kept picking and picking but it just wouldn’t go away.

    ‘A few months later I noticed it had grown a bit and started looking more like a wort. Again I would pick but this time it kept bleeding.’

    Lauren said at about the same time she noticed the spot she made an appointment to see a dermatologist but for a completely different reason – her acne.

    Lauren after getting the cancer removed (Credit: Instagram/laurenhuntriss)

    However, the doctor noticed the spot on her nose and did a biopsy, which came back as skin cancer.

    In a follow-up consultation, she was told she would have to have it removed immediately ‘before it became malignant’, as it had already spread quite a beneath the surface.

    Credit: Instagram/laurenhuntriss

    After the removal and plastic surgery to reconstruct her nose, Lauren says she got emotional because she had a lucky escape.

    She wrote: ‘I remember crying so much but then thinking far out I’m lucky I caught it when I did or I might not have a nose at all or even worse might not be here today to tell this story! I always try to look for the positives in every situation.

    ‘So kids, adults and all the above PLEASE if you notice even the slightest change to your skin book in with a dermatologist ASAP! Don’t risk it, don’t wait or it may be too late.’