10 celebrity hairstyles guaranteed to turn you green

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  • Fine, we admit it. Maybe we get a little hair envy from time to time.
    Ok, ok, not just a little. We get it bad. We’re not talking a little ‘Oh doesn’t her hair look nice?’ here, but real, serious, green-eyed monster inducing hair envy.

    There’s a list as long as our arms of hairstyles we would happily steal, and we bet we’re not the only ones that have gone to the hairdressers with a magazine cut out of our favourite celebrity style!? ‘This please! Make me look like her!’

    But who do you think the majority of us have hair envy over? Well ladies, the results are in! Thanks to a recent poll conducted by PromotionalCodes.org.uk we can reveal the top ten celebrity hair most women want. And guess what? It seems that healthy-looking, bouncy styles are the order of the day. We have to admit to wanting at least one, actually, wait, no all of them…

    Do you have a favourite celebrity hairstyle that hasn’t made this list? Let us know in the comments box below!

    10. Amy Willerton

    Whether she’s rocking a natural jungle look, or dolled up for the red carpet, there’s no denying that Miss Willerton has one impressive head of hair. It’s no wonder she’s made the list of hair we want the most – just look at that mane!

    9. Lucy Mecklenburgh

    From Essex girl to red carpet lovely, Lucy’s dark locks always look super glossy and well cared for. We wish we could get our hair this shiny! What’s your secret Luce!?

    8. Abbey Clancy
    With model looks like this, it’s no wonder Abbey has the hair to go with it. We love her tousled look and would give anything for locks as long as this. She looks effortness, even though it would take us days to get our hair looking remotely similar!

    7. Kylie Minogue

    The pint-sized pop star has some of the best locks in the business, so it’s no surprise that she made the list of hair we want the most! The honey tone is beautifully natural and the style suits her down to the ground. We love!

    6. Jennifer Aniston
    Rarely far away from a best hair list, our favourite friend Jen never fails to disappoint when it comes to a beautifully natural hairstyle. We can only begin to imagine the number of women who’ve trudged to the hairdressers with her picture in hand!

    5. Kelly Brook

    Not only is Miss Brook a real beauty and recently rated top of a best bottoms poll, but she has hair to die for too! Kelly’s hair matches her glamorous look and always seems red carpet ready. It’s just not fair is it?!

    4. Holly Willoughby

    Holly Willoughby has the gorgeous girl next door look down to perfection. Her bouncy beautiful do matches her bubbly and fun personality, and we must admit to feeling a pang of hair jealousy every single morning when she graces our screens!

    3. Kim Kardashian

    Kim is a real colour chameleon when it comes to her hair. Leaving her super dark glossy locks in the past, the new mum has gone for a style update with this fresh and trendy dip-dyed look. We wish we could pull this do off!

    2. Beyonce
    When it comes to looking fierce and show-stopping, Beyoncé knows how to work her locks to their full potential! Mrs Carter is a huge fan of changing up her hair look but whatever she does, we usually love it (and want to copy it too!)

    1. Kate Middleton
    Well we can’t say we were too shocked to see this! But the person with the hair we want the most is, of course, the lovely Kate Middleton. There’s nothing we wouldn’t give for long, glossy and totally healthy hair like Kate’s, if only our hairdresser doubled up as a magician too!

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