Prince William reveals George, Charlotte and Louis are big fans of this huge DJ

Prince William admitted his children 'beg him' to play the DJ's tunes at home

Prince William George Charlotte Louis DJ
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Prince William has revealed that his children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are big fans of the hit UK DJ, Jax Jones.

Speaking to The Mirror, Jax said of the Prince and Princess of Wales, "I’ve met William and Kate who are both really, really nice.The Prince told me his kids are big Jax Jones fans, which is just insane to me.”

He added, "William said the kids often want to play my tunes at home. He didn’t say which was their favourite but I did tell him I was available for birthday parties.

"We were chatting on the viewing gallery of Buckingham Palace when he told me. It was crazy… I was proper chuffed."

Jax, whose real name Timucin Lam, is known for hits including OUT OUT and Where Did You Go?

Jax Jones

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It's also been reported that the Wales' have had secret meetings with Jax in an effort to learn about how to connect with young people around the US ahead of Kate launching her Shaping Us campaign.

Jax is an ambassador for the campaign and has said of the partnership, "Our relationship started at the jubilee and we hung out at Buckingham Palace afterwards.

"We all got talking — they are super nice and super welcoming. To be asked to get involved and be an ambassador is a real honour. They are really down to earth and they just want to do positive things."

The DJ confessed he was scared of doing something wrong when he met the royal couple for the first time, admitting, "I was so concerned about getting the addresses wrong. So the first time you meet a princess you say 'Your Highness' and then it's 'Ma'am', but they make you feel so at ease.

"We were chatting prior to the launch and spent the day at Windsor Castle having a real brainstorm of ideas."

Prince William George Charlotte Louis DJ

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Prince William has previously spoken about his children's love of music and has confessed that mornings in their royal household often include arguments over music between his eldest two children, George and Charlotte.

Speaking previously on Apple's 'Time To Walk' podcast, William said that the family like to start their morning with a dance around the kitchen.

He said, "Most mornings there’s a massive fight between Charlotte and George as to what song is played. There’s a lot of hip movements going along with a lot of dressing up. Charlotte, particularly, is running around the kitchen, in her dresses and ballet stuff."

He added that his daughter goes "completely crazy" and that her younger brother Louis ends up "following her around trying to do the same thing."

The Prince of Wales also previously revealed that Princess Charlotte is a big fan of Shakira, and Waka Waka is one of her favourite tracks, to which Shakira tweeted, "I'm so pleased you like my music Princess Charlotte!"

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