This comment King Charles made on Prince George's first day at school is going viral years later

The King was asked about his oldest grandson's first day at school back in 2017, and was told that he'd been a little nervous that morning.

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A comment that King Charles made about Prince George on the young prince’s first day of school in 2017 has resurfaced on TikTok recently, and royal fans are loving it.

Ah, the first day of school. While there are plenty of great settling-in ideas to try, as well as traditions to do with your kids to make things easier, it can still be a nervy occasion for parents and children alike. 

And not even royal children are immune from feeling anxious about their first day at school, as Charles discovered in 2017 when George, Charles’ oldest grandchild, had his first day. And royal fans have recently discovered footage from the day on TikTok.

In 2017, when he was four years old, George began at Thomas’s Battersea in London. His sister, Princess Charlotte, joined him two years later, while in 2022 they, along with younger brother Prince Louis, started at Lambrook School in Berkshire, near their home in the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

Last week, a TikTok user uploaded footage of Charles from an official engagement in September 2017. In the video, Charles is asked whether he gave his grandson any advice for his first day of school, which was that day.
Charles laughs in response, “Of course not! He wouldn't take it from me I don't think at that age,” before saying, “I shall be interested to hear how he got on. At that age, you don't worry quite so much about going to school as you do when you get a bit older."

He’s then told that George “looked a bit anxious” before his first day, adding, “Oh, poor old thing. But it's being left there to have to get on with it when the parents go away that's always the problem. It's good for you in the end I suppose. It's character building."


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Already, the video has amassed hundreds of thousands of views and over 11,000 likes. And fans were quick to praise Charles for his response in the footage. One said, “He's actually really perceptive. We know his school years weren't so great so he's got a reflective way of looking at how the fear of going to school doesn't come in yet. It feels personal.”

Another offered sympathy for Charles himself, saying, “Charles had an awful experience at many of us.”

In other royal news, Prince Louis's official name was changed by late Queen as she overturned historic rule and this is the thoughtful reason Prince George won’t undertake royal duties until he’s ‘well into his twenties’.

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