The best baby apps for new mums

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  • From feeding apps to baby monitors, save time and money with the best iPhone and Android baby apps for new mums.

    Becoming a mum for the first time can be an amazing, but overwhelming, experience. Remember the days of having a full eight hours a night? Us neither.

    Even if you’ve had kids before, we all get a bit stressed with the demands of motherhood from time to time and it’s always handy to have a few tips and tricks to make our lives easier. The best place to get instant advice and guidance is the handy little gadget in your back pocket.

    Yep, you guessed it! Your smart phone has the magical ability of downloading a range of baby apps right this second – and they might just make nursing a newborn that little bit easier. From baby trackers to baby monitors, lullabies to baby food recipes, it’s safe to say there’s an app for everything these days.

    But with so much on offer, even picking the best baby apps can be a very daunting for a new parent. Especially when you’ve only just worked out exactly which way the nappy goes round.

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    This is our list of the best baby apps for new mums

    These baby apps will make your life a tiny bit easier while you’re caring for your new bundle of joy, from reminding you when your next feeding time is, to providing your little one with a little entertainment so you can finally have a cup of tea. So pop the kettle on, grab five minutes away from mum duties and find out which apps you can download for that extra bit of tranquility below.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, why not find out which kind of whatsapp mum you are – from the health scare mum right through to the organiser.

    The Night Feed app

    Created by lifestyle blogger and new mum Ruth Crilly, the Night Feed app describes itself as a ‘sanctuary for the sleep deprived’. Ruth knows first hand how lonely the nights can be when you’re struggling with a newborn, after having a difficult time with her second child, spending many a night feeling sleep deprived and isolated.

    The Night Feed includes exclusive content from Ruth herself, as well as Q&As with midwives, breastfeeding-friendly clothes and talks from paediatricians. The ‘Feed Tracker’ allows mums to track the time and length of each feed.

    There’s also the opportunity to connect with other mums who are in the same position. Ruth said: ‘I longed for somewhere to go through the night, where there would be people just like me – knackered and overwhelmed but still retaining a sense of humour. I wanted to chat with them, share my experiences with them and know I wasn’t alone.’

    Available on iOS and Android

    Wondering what stage your baby is developing at?

    This baby app is an informative little app, which helps you track and understand your baby’s cognitive development.

    With video explanations and over 500 facts, the week-by-week updates are informative, fun to follow and a notes feature helps you learn at your own pace.

    Available on iOS and Android

    Looking for some more friends experiencing motherhood too? Try Peanut!

    There’s a reason this app has been dubbed the ‘Tinder for new mums’. Peanut allows its users to connects you to other mothers near you, letting you swipe each other’s profiles.

    It also launched a new community discussion feature called Peanut Pages – meaning you can ask for help and advice from your local mum community.

    Available for iOS and Android

    The BabySparks app gives daily activity suggestions which are designed specifically for your baby’s age and stage to support gross motor, cognitive, speech, sensory, self-care and social-emotional development.

    Using the app will help parents know when to encourage their child’s next step. It also allows them to keep track of every accomplishment along the way.

    Available for iOS and Android

    Baby Feeding app

    Any new mum wanting to preserve her mental sanity should seriously consider investing in a baby feeding app.

    Recommended by NHS midwives, the Baby Feed Timer has proven a great help for many new mums. This helpful app tracks your baby’s feeding schedule, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

    The log helps you record when and how long your baby feeds for, and it also reminds you when the next feed is due. Many mums have continued to use the app even after their baby started on solid foods, and swear by it!

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 by fellow new mums, the app is extremely helpful for aiding that baby brain!

    Available for iOS and Android.

    Taking care of a baby or a toddler is already a handful in the best of days, but it becomes particularly challenging when your child is ill.

    For when your little ones aren’t feeling their best, the Calpol app allows mums to search for medical info quickly on their smartphones and get a rough idea of what might be wrong.

    Other helpful features include a dosage diary that records medicine dosage and alerts you when next one is due and a temperature tracker so you can keep track of how your child is doing throughout the day.

    Available for iOS and Android.

    baby apps

    Getting babies to sleep is one of the most difficult tasks of being a parent. Unless you’re a baby wizard and can send your child to the land of dreams in the blink of an eye, getting a little help from technology may be your best shot.

    Designed to soothe your baby in the same way a lullaby does, white noise apps emit sounds that will make your baby drift off. In the first times of using the app, you may have to experiment with what sounds work best for your baby, and there’s plenty to chose from: rain, birdsongs, xylophones? You pick.

    Available for Android and iOS.