Best bath products for your baby – including toys, bath seats and skincare

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  • Bath time is a very important step in baby's routine, and it's so important to take care of delicate baby skin. So we've put together a handy guide of the best bath products for your baby.

    From baby baths to bath toys, you can make your baby’s bath time more enjoyable – for everyone involved – with a few carefully-chosen bath time essentials.

    Lots of babies love bath time, but it can also be a fairly stressful time for parents. Come bath time, you and your baby are likely to be quite tired from a busy day, and there’s a lot to think about when it comes to bathing your baby. From ensuring your baby’s bathwater is the perfect temperature, to having all the toiletries and accessories you need close at hand, it’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive about bathing your baby. But the secret to enjoying this special part of your baby’s routine is to stock the bathroom with everything you need for stress-free bath times. Once you’ve splashed out on these bath time essentials, all that’s left to do is have a splashing time!

    But, are bathtime accessories for babies really worth it? Yes! You don’t have to spend a fortune on bath time essentials for your baby, but a few well-placed items can really help to take the stress out of bathing your baby, turning it into a lovely opportunity to play and bond with your baby at the end of each day. If the room in which you’re bathing your baby is warm and the water is the right temperature – it should be 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C, which is around body temperature – then bath time can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for babies. Some age-appropriate bath toys and toiletries that suit your baby’s skin type can help enhance the experience for both you and your baby.

    Scroll through our list to see which items we recommend and which ones might suit your little one. It’s also worth asking friends for their recommendations for baby bath time essentials. If you’re an Amazon Baby Wish List member, you could browse through the products on other parents’ lists to see which products other parents like and recommend.

    The best baby bathtime essentials – at a glance

    John Lewis The Basics Baby Bath – John Lewis |£9
    Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath – Boots | £2
    Aquababy Bath Seat –  Jojo Maman Bebe | £18
    Tommee Tippee Splashtime Super Spinners bath toys – Tesco | £10
    Childs Farm Baby Essentials Kit – Chemist Direct | £7.99
    Cuddledry baby towel –  John Lewis | £31.49
    Skip Hop Moby bath rinser – JoJo Maman Bebe | £8
    Dreambaby digital room and bath 2-in-1 duck thermometer – JoJo Maman Bebe |£11
    Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit and hairbrush – John Lewis | £8.99
    Top ‘n’ Tail Bowl – Mamas & Papas | £6.40
    Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl bath tidy organiser – Amazon | £12.23

    1) A baby bath

    We love: John Lewis The Basics Baby Bath

    baby bath

    Credit: John Lewis & Partners

    View at John Lewis | £9

    Baby baths are designed to be a safe and secure way to bathe your little one. Newborns are very fragile, and small sturdy baths like this one protect their head and limbs during bath time. It also ensures there’s only a small amount of water being used.

    This baby bath isn’t just affordable, it’s also got some great reviews from parents! Customers have described it as ‘well designed and easy to use’  and a ‘very well priced and practical product’. As well as being a safe way to bathe baby, other mums have noted that it’s more hygienic than using the sink or bathroom. You also have more control whilst using a baby bath, as there’s less room to work with. This John Lewis baby bath has an anti-slip pad for added security, and a plug to easily let the water out when you’re done.

    2) Baby bubble bath

    We love: Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath

    Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath


    View at Boots | £3.00

    A nice warm bath is a great way to help your baby sleep, and this bubble bath has been developed with baby sleep experts to get your baby nice and cosy before it’s time for bed. Lovely! Johnson’s is a much-loved baby brand, and this product has over 100 five star reviews from Boots shoppers. Mums have praised it for ‘smelling lovely’, leaving baby’s skin ‘feeling soft’ and ‘good for relaxing baby before bed’. It gently cleanses to leave delicate skin feeling healthy and is kind to baby’s skin. It uses the brand’s well-known NO MORE TEARS® formula, so it’s kind to eyes, and it has NaturalCalm™ essences. This bubble bath is hypoallergenic, and has been paediatrician and dermatologist-tested.

    3) Baby bath seat

    We love: Aquababy Bath Seat

    Aquababy Bath Seat

    View at Jojo Maman Bebe | £18

    When your baby is able to sit up, this bath seat is a great accessory to use in an adult size bath. It’s ideal for babies beginning to sit, and suitable for babies aged between 7-16 months old. It helps your little one feel comfortable and secure during bathtime, when they’re ready to be bathed in a larger bath. Shoppers have praised the bath seat for being ‘good value’ and that it allows baby to ‘splash about’ and have fun whilst staying safe and secure.

    A baby bath is a great choice for parents, because it allows them to use both hands to bathe and play with their child during bathtime. It also allows baby to get used to its surroundings, so its familiar with the ‘big bath’ when they’re old enough to be bathed in it without support. The seat has strong suction pads on the bottom, and a non-slip seat surface to ensure your baby is held safely in place. It also comes with three little swivel toys attached to the front bar to keep them entertained.

    4) Bath toys

    We love: Tommee Tippee Splashtime Super Spinners bath toys

    Tommee Tippee Splashtime Super Spinners bath toys

    View at Tesco | £10

    Bath toys are a great way to further baby’s development through play, and they can help to give some familiarity to bath time and help to build confidence in the water, as it can sometimes be a scary place for little ones. Keep bath time fun by making sure your baby is entertained! These Tommee Tippee toys feature cute animal designs of a penguin, panda, bear and an owl – easily recognisable for little ones to start identifying animals.

    Parents say the toys ‘stick well to the bath’, and that little ones have had fun ‘pouring water into them’. They also note that the toys can be used individually or as a set, so they can be mixed and matched. These adorable bath toys have suction cups to easily stick them to the wall or bathtub, and are designed to resist mould and mildew. They’re easy clean and dishwasher safe too, if you do need to give them a wash at any time.

    5) Baby skincare products

    We love: Childs Farm Baby Essentials Kit

    Childs Farm bath products

    Credit: Childs Farm

    View at Chemist Direct | £7.99

    These skincare essentials have been widely praised by mums. One took this set with her in her hospital bag, and another gifted it to a friend for a baby shower. The products have been described as ‘smelling amazing’ and that they don’t leave any greasy residue behind. Taking care of baby’s skin is so important. This Childs Farm kit contains baby bedtime bubbles, baby wash, baby moisturiser, and nappy cream, which is everything you need to ensure your baby’s skin is healthy and clean.

    These products are dermatologist and paediatrician tested and approved as suitable for newborns and upwards, and even for skin that may be prone to eczema. Childs Farm did a survey among parents with children who have medically diagnosed eczema, and 97 percent of the parents involved said these products did not cause irritation to their child’s skin. Dermatologist approved, it is suitable for sensitive skin and eczema

    6) Baby towel

    We love: Cuddledry baby towel

    Cuddledry baby towel


    View at John Lewis | £31.49

    Many babies are reluctant to get out of the bath at all, but having a cosy, warm towel awaiting can help! Lifting your baby out of the bath and into a towel takes some practice, but this baby bath towel has been specially designed to make that easier to manage. This cleverly-designed towel has an ‘attach-and-release’ neckpiece that you wear around your neck like an apron, leaving your hands free for lifting your baby out of the bath safely.

    It’s made from incredibly soft eco-friendly bamboo and cotton. It’s easy to literally cuddle your baby dry using this towel, and the corner hood keeps your little one’s head warm, too. Gone are the days of wrestling a wet baby into a towel – this has been designed to help make drying your baby a doddle. With a Bamboo and cotton blend, it can be tumble dried.

    7) Bath rinser

    We love: Skip Hop Moby bath rinser

    Skip Hop Moby bath rinser

    View at JoJo Maman Bebe | £8

    Washing your little one’s hair can be a mission, but this cute whale-shaped jug is carefully designed to make it easy to rinse away soap and shampoo with fewer tears. It can be used just the same way as you might use a jug to rinse your baby’s hair after shampooing, except the shape of this rinser means less water ends up splashing in your baby’s face.

    It’s not perfect – if your little one isn’t yet able to hold their head back for hair rinsing then they might not be ready for this, according to reviews, but it’s also handy for pouring warm water on your baby’s body whilst sitting in the bath. Tots love the friendly whale design of this bath rinser so even if they’re not a fan of hair washes, this little fella can help make the whole process a little more fun. BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free

    8) Thermometer

    We love: Dreambaby digital room and bath 2-in-1 duck thermometer

    Dreambaby digital room and bath 2-in-1 duck thermometer

    View at JoJo Maman Bebe | £11

    It’s important to ensure that your baby’s bathwater is at the optimum temperature. As well as making sure your baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold in the water, it’s more likely that your baby will enjoy bath time if the water is just right.
     This bath thermometer is a quick and easy way to make sure the bathwater is the perfect temperature for your baby.

    The digital display is easy to read, and it doubles as a bath toy since little ones love playing with the duck character. You can use it out of the bath to measure room temperature too. This bath thermometer has been tested to Toy Standard: EN71 and has an auto shut off feature after 30 minutes to retain batter life, so you don’t even have to remember to switch it off!

    9) Baby care kits

    We love: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit and hairbrush

    Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit and hairbrush

    View at John Lewis | £8.99

    Bath time is often the moment that you spot things about your baby that you might not see at other times – such as that she needs her nails trimmed. It’s also the perfect time to comb your baby’s hair and give her teeth a brush, so keeping an essentials kit handy in the bathroom makes sense. There are nine essential baby care items in this healthcare and grooming kit, including a brush, comb, toothbrush and nail clippers. It comes in its own handy storage pouch which makes this a useful travel buy too. This multipurpose kit has all the grooming essentials you could need for your baby after the bath. Instead of buying the items separately, why not keep them all contained together like this?

    10) Top ‘n’ Tail Bowl

    We love: Mamas & Papas Top ‘n’ Tail Bowl

    Top 'n' Tail Bowl

    View at Mamas and Papas | £6.40

    When your baby is very young, you might not want to fill the bath every day, but your little one will still need a daily wash. A top ‘n’ tail bowl is the perfect solution, allowing you to quickly and easily clean your baby’s bottom (the ‘tail’) and face (the ‘top’). This top ‘n’ tail bowl has an integrated holder for your soap, plus two compartments for holding washing accessories such as cotton wool balls. It’s smaller and more compact than a baby bath so you can pop it easily out of sight between uses.

    You simply fill the two sections with warm water at the right temperature for your baby, keeping one side for your baby’s bottom and the other for face and hands. Then dip the balls in warm water and use them to wipe your baby clean. Use a clean piece of cotton wool for each eye, and wipe from the inside corner outwards. Remember to clean under your baby’s chin and neck folds! Use the same approach to clean your baby’s area, and then use a soft baby towel to pat your little one dry.

    11) A bath organiser

    We love: Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl bath tidy organiser

    bathtime essentials - best bath tidy

    Tommee Tippee

    View at Amazon | £12.23

    Once they get the hang of it, most babies love bath time. Which is great news when it comes to keeping your baby clean and smelling fresh, but not such great news for keeping your bathroom tidy! So many mums comment that their bath – once their favourite sanctuary for a little me-time – quickly gets taken over by bath toys. Keep that to a minimum with a bath tidy. As well as containing all your baby’s bath toys in one handy place, it’ll help make light work of tidy up time when bath time is over.

    This bath organiser can hang in your shower or attach to your tiles or shower door via strong suction cups, ready to help tidy away the toys after bath time. A practical piece that slots stylishly into your bathroom with its neutral tones, the Ollie the Owl bath organiser keeps your little one’s bath toys stowed tidily away as bath time ends. The cute design appeals to little ones, who love to use Ollie the Owl to help tidy up the bath toy when it’s time for everyone to get out of the tub.


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