Why Harvey is proving to be one of the least popular baby names so far this year

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  • The popularity of top baby names fluctuates all the time, as names grow in and out of fashion due to different reasons.

    But it seems one individual in particular has had a massive impact on the growing unpopularity of ‘Harvey’, a previously very popular baby name.

    Parents increasingly opted for Harvey in 2016 and 2017 but 2018 has already seen a steep decline in people choosing this name for their babies, as the name joins the list of unpopular baby names.

    According to Nameberry, a group of naming experts, the decline of the name Harvey has a lot to do with the Harvey Weinstein scandal that shocked the world and triggered widespread protest movements.

    Speaking to OK! Online, Nameberry said: ‘Most names don’t fall from being favourites to extinction very quickly, unless some terrible event propels them from style.

    ‘Harvey is the one example I can think of from 2017. Already newly fashionable in the UK, Harvey was starting to rise again in the US after a long slumber, and then last fall it was hit with the twin wallops of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal and Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Houston.’

    They added: ‘Harvey might have survived the storm, but not both. I can’t imagine anyone naming a baby Harvey any more.’

    American film producer Harvey Weinstein is thought to have contributed to the fall in popularity of the boy’s name

    According to UK site, BabyCentre, the least popular boys name of 2018 so far is Luis which ranks 200 on their list, while the least popular girls name is Lola.

    BabyCentre has also tracked the exact rise and fall of the name Harvey. It shows that the boys name ranked 439 in 2015 and then jumped to 412 in 2016 and 347 in 2017. Harvey now sits at its lowest ranking yet of 589th in popularity.

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