The top 100 baby names of 2018

Expecting a little one? We've got some baby name inspiration for you...

The top baby names for 2018 have been revealed, so listen up if you need some inspiration for your incoming little one...

Picking the perfect baby name can be overwhelming for parents when they're expecting, but fear not - we've got a round-up of baby name lists to inspire you, including the top baby names for this year so far, so you can get an idea of the monikers that will be most popular this year.

Baby Centre have released their definitive list of the 100 baby names that are most popular for boys and girls in the UK, so scroll down for ideas...

Top baby names 2018

Top girls names 2018

The top ten of girls' names in the UK remained similar to last year's, with only two new entries - Ella climbed one from 11 and Aria came in on 10 from 18.

In the top 100, new entries include Ada (42), Aalliyah (69), Aisha (78), Bonnie (79), Kiara (83), Iris (89), Victoria (96), Elena (98) and Eden (100).

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1. Olivia26. Evelyn51. Thea76. Ayla
2. Sophia27. Harper52. Penelope77. Maria
3. Amelia28. Willow53. Eliza78. Aisha
4. Lily29. Florence54. Lola79. Bonnie
5. Ava30. Maya55. Maryam80. Lottie
6. Emily31. Rosie56. Bella81. Rose
7. Ella32. Phoebe57. Erin82. Lara
8. Isla33. Hannah58. Imogen83. Kiara
9. Mia34. Matilda59. Darcie84. Elizabeth
10. Aria35. Emma60. Amber85. Arabella
11. Grace36. Ruby61. Anna86. Heidi
12. Isabella37. Layla62. Zara87. Amelie
13. Isabelle38. Millie63. Annabelle88. Jasmine
14. Sophie39. Mila64. Violet89. Iris
15. Charlotte40. Jessica65. Holly90. Orla
16. Evie41. Emilia66. Harriet91. Summer
17. Poppy42. Ada67. Molly92. Robyn
18. Ivy43. Lucy68. Georgia93. Lexi
19. Elsie44. Zoe69. Aaliyah94. Fatima
20. Alice45. Ellie70. Gracie95. Martha
21. Daisy46. Maisie71. Eleanor96. Victoria
22. Chloe47. Sarah72. Esme97. Nancy
23. Freya48. Luna73. Aurora98. Elena
24. Sienna49. Abigail74. Lyla99. Felicity
25. Eva50. Scarlett75. Clara100. Eden

Top boys names 2018

In the top 10 for boys' names in the UK, Arthur and Freddie are two new entries (both previously in the top 20). Leo has also become a mor epopular name this year, climbing from 7 to 5, while both Harry and George dropped one spot.

In the top 100, new entries are Alex (54), Grayson (76), Sam (85), Felix (89), Louis (91), Jasper (94) and Aayan (100).

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1. Muhammad26. Isaac51. Riley76. Grayson
2. Oliver27. Finley52. Edward77. Bobby
3. Noah28. Adam53. Ezra78. Harley
4. Harry29. Alex54. Alex79. Gabriel
5. Leo30. Teddy55. Toby80. Stanley
6. George31. Mason56. Ryan81. Ronnie
7. Jack32. Harrison57. Jude82. Michael
8. Charlie33. Elijah58. Zachary83. Albert
9. Freddie34. Daniel59. Frankie84. John
10. Arthur35. Elliot60. Luke85. Sam
11. Alfie36. Joseph61. Nathan86. Aiden
12. Henry37. Arlo62. Jayden87. Jesse
13. Oscar38. Dylan63. Theodore88. Blake
14. Theo39. Liam64. Matthew89. Felix
15. Archie40. Sebastian65. Jenson90. Kai
16. Jacob41. Hunter66. Hugo91. Louis
17. Joshua42. Rory67. Roman92. Eli
18. James43. Reuben68. Reggie93. Tyler
19. Ethan44. Luca69. Jake94. Jasper
20. Thomas45. Benjamin70. Carter95. Aaron
21. William46. Albie71. Louie96. Jamie
22. Logan47. Tommy72. Ollie97. Lewis
23. Lucas48. Finn73. Harvey98. Ellis
24. Jackson49. Samuel74. Ali99. Austin
25. Max50. Caleb75. David100. Aayan

Are you currently expecting a little one? Will you go for a more traditional name or a trendy moniker? Let us know in the comments!

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