5 highest-earning baby names revealed: Your little one could grow up to earn a salary of £113,472 with one of these options

And they're all classic choices

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David and Sarah are just two of the baby names that could grow up to make the most money - would you choose them?

There are different approaches you can take when choosing a baby name - some parents are specifically looking for a unique baby name, while others take inspiration from their favourite TV shows and may opt for a Bridgerton baby name. But have you ever considered choosing a name that might influence how much money your child grows up to make? If you have, chances are you've checked out the top millionaire baby names too.

If you're hoping your little one is going to aim for the sky when it comes to their future career and salary, then a study carried out by furniture suppliers Furniture At Work has revealed which names are likely to be the biggest earners and end up with a salary much higher than the UK average (which ONS figures currently puts at £34,963). And if you've got a little Karen or John, we've got some good news for you.

The research used LinkedIn data to determine the highest-paying vacancies and the most popular names for people in those roles. It turns out, men named David are the most likely to earn up to £113,472 as tax partners, while more women named Karen also have this job role than any other female name. 

Of the top ten highest-paying positions, Sarah was the most frequent women’s name on the list (with eight appearances), while David was the most common name for seven of the highest-earning job titles. 

Top 5 names that earn the most money

  1. David
  2. Sarah
  3. John
  4. Karen
  5. Andrew

Through looking at top-paying vacancies on LinkedIn, their average salaries and the most popular names in the profession, the study found that tax partner was the top role, with an average annual salary of £113,472. David and Karen were the most popular names in the profession.

David was also the most popular name for the second highest earning job role - Chief Financial Officer, with an average salary of £107,60 - alongside Sarah. In addition, Sarah and David were the most popular names for Directors, GPs/Physicians, Operations Directors, Data Engineers and Software Engineers.

Sarah also appeared alongside Andrew for the most popular names of Consultant Psychiatrists, and alongside John for the most common names of Legal Consultants. Quantitative Developers, who earn an average salary of £91,011, were an anomaly, with the most popular boy's name for this role Paul, and the most popular girl's name tied between Elizabeth and Julie.

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